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Bugbird & Psychohare:

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

The two images below continued the new artistic style I have been playing with in recent designs, using a mixture of bold sharpening lines combined with realistic shading and detail. Here I also aimed to explore the importance of characterisation in my designs, and try explain my reasoning behind such choices.


The Mikoogrupp or “Bugbird”, was a fairly straight forward design, with the only real changes between its final form and its original designs being a removal of a second pair of smaller praying mantis style scythe arms, that I felt over complicated the design. I wanted the Mikoogrupp species to resemble a mangy humanoid alien fly, but characterise it with an unexpected cultured and sophisticated appearance, with subtle hints to a darker side and history in the form of its blood stained bone necklace.

Ruur - Jester AssassinRuur – Jester Assassin

While the physical appearance of the Ruur as horned lagomorph humanoids went reasonably unchanged throughout the design process, the species actual characterised appearance went through several design phases. From the start I had intended for the Ruur to be a former slave race with initial depictions resembling ancient Egyptian pyramid workers. Unhappy with this design it then shifted to become more of a oriental, armour clad bounty hunter, ignoring my original concept, before eventually shifting yet again to become this more whimsical grenade juggling jester. An oddball yet deadly assassin aimed at taking down his former masters, in the most explosive way possible.

Additionally both races where once slaves to the Valleeshan, but for two very different reasons, with the similarly insectoid Mikoogrupp employed as soldiers and canon fodder, while the Ruur where imprisoned as labours and miners.


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Ancient Gods & Monster Seagulls:

by on Aug.13, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Prop & Technology Design, Robots & Cyborgs, Sentients

Continuing my self directed Kaiju project I have designed three further monster characters inspired by Japanese cinema. Like the Leeton, these three Kaiju where designed to look both realistic yet silly and to have an appearance of a man in a suit. I was heavily inspired by the notion of them being reflected as ancient gods.

Pharaoh Zorrtic Pharaoh Zorrtic

The giant cyborg Pharaoh Zorrtic is the ruler and protector of the Zorrtic people, a race of Anubis-esque humanoids.

King Tooby IIKing Tooby II

This giant and vastly powerful golem has the appearance of an animated stone statue, but is infact a highly advanced robot. The successor and “son” of the legendary King Tooby I, King Tobby II awaits on his “fathers” throne at the Grand Palace of Tooby on Umbequarn IV.

Gulmar MutantGulmar Mutant

 With large hollow sacks in their torso connected to their hands via tube-like flexible arms a Gulmar can act like monstrous vacuum cleaner, with both the ability suck objects into its body, then fire them back out again at extreme velocities. Standing at an already Frightful 7 foot a rare genetic deformity can sometimes double that turning your average Gulmar into a giant. Yet while its even rarer to get a Gulmar taller than that, dozens of ancient legends and myths tell of ones colossal enough to destroy a skyscraper.

Semi-Fun Fact: The name Gulmaris a cross between Gull and Fulmar, two seabirds that reflect its bird like head. It is also one of my favourite creature designs too date.


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Humanoid Reptilian Insectoids:

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

These two alien designs, the Tizard bandit and the Valleeshan warrior drone, contain both reptilian and insectoid attributes within their humanoid physiology. For me these “repto-insectoid” designs allow for greater creative freedom and the chance to create some truly unique creatures.

TizardTizard Bandit

This desert dwelling alien was created to be both deadly and beautiful with its shiny pearl like exoskeleton. Smart, sophisticated and bond by honour and justice the Tizard are a powerful and influential race across the known galaxy as both aristocrats and crime lords alike.

Valleeshan DroneValleeshan Warrior Drone

The Valleeshan where once a ferocious and powerful races, with a vast empire covering close to a quarter of the galaxy. They were widely and rightly feared for their harsh treatment towards other races, either enslaving them or destroying them as they swarmed like a plague through the civilised regions of the galaxy. It was only through the combined alliance of several of the galaxies most powerful races that the Valleeshan where eventually pushed back into hiding on their unknown and rumoured mobile homeworld, located at the very tip of one of the galaxies mighty arms. Many believe this brutal hive species shall on day reappear, while others speculate that they’ve left the galaxy entirely searching for new civilisations to destroy and conquer.


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