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November – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Nov.30, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

November was a change of pace month. After spending the first four months of this challenge drawing primarily animal studies, and after coming out of October which contained quite a few sketches I’d sooner forget, I decided that I’ll spend a month away from the wildlife and instead concentrate on a bit of self indulgence sketching of some of my favourite fictional characters. Like normal I’ve included allot more than my top four, however two of these where drawn specifically to be included within the sets they are shown in below.

Naruto Shippuden - Team 8November Sketch 01 – Team 8

Following on directly from where I left off in October, my first batch of sketches once again looked the Naruto Team 8 characters of Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyūga (who I left out last time due to her drawing having far too many mistakes). However this time I’ve attempted to draw their older Shippuden portrayals and am personally really pleased with the results, considering them my best Anime/Manga drawings to date. However I still feel that Hinata is the weakest of the three and as such I will be focusing on learning to accurately draw female characters allot more in the future, as for me drawing woman is a far greater challenge than drawing men for some reason.

GrootNovember Sketch 02 – Groot

(Here comes some ego rubbing) While it may not be 100% perfect I will admit that I am very proud of this Groot speed sketch. I absolutely love this character and his design and sketching him here was an absolute pleasure. This image also holds a special place because not only did it kick start this months trend of adding in small splashes of colour into each sketch but It also managed to smash (and still maintain at the time of posting) my Instagram “Like” record, a record coincidently held by my raccoon studies from way back in August. However it was not all smiles and sparkly pollen, I did attempt to post this sketch along with a drawing of baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon, however both sketches encountered issues giving me a firm reminder that there’s still lots to learn and ways to improve.

Godzilla'sNovember Sketch 03 – Godzilla’s

My final themed drawing set of the month was of these three Godzilla sketches, with each Godzilla representing one of his designs from the original three film era’s the Showa, Heisei and Millennium era’s. They where not intended to be colour studies, as such the little hints of colour where just their to help make them standout and have a bit more life in them. I quite enjoyed drawing these three as it allowed me to continue my character month theme whilst also incorporating a touch of animal/beast.

Red PandaNovember Sketch 04 – Red Panda

Speaking of animals this final sketch of a red panda was my only non fictional character illustration of the month and actually one of my all time favourites. Done as a bonus experimental piece one weekend this panda, drawn with ball point pens and office highlighters, is one of my first true colour studies done as part of this Lunch Break challenge and is another piece I really enjoyed drawing. It has also set the standard for next month where I once again intend to primarily look at animal anatomy studies.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.



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October – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Oct.30, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

October’s outcome was remarkably similar to last months sketch collection, in that it had no true theme, I struggled to balance drawing time with other obligations and that it ended with a mass of anime character studies. However despite all of this much like September I can look back and be extremely proud with much of what I was able to achieve. The reason for this is that although there was no overruling theme to my daily drawings, when I look back I can see that one did unconsciously emerge, and that was the theme of “new”.

Lizard StudiesOctober Sketch 01 & 02 – Lizard Studies

When I say that “new” was the keyword of the month, what I mean is that the subjects I happened to choose to draw (offend on a whim based on my mood), where of creatures or characters I’ve never drawn before, or atleast attempted to draw in awhile. I had noticed that when deciding upon animals to draw for these daily sketches all of my subject species have been either mammals (my comfort zone) or birds (my favourite of the animal kingdoms), as such I decided to kick start October with a weeks worth of reptile studies, specifically lizards. My aim was to draw them fast and loose, learning how to capture their form and textures without going overkill on individual details of each and every scale. After a weeks worth of sketching I am rather pleased with the results, to the point of choosing the two above as the first half of this months top four. However it is an area that I can still improve upon greatly.

WolvesOctober Sketch 03 – Wolves

Even though I did just state that mammals are my comfort zone when it comes to drawing, there are still many mammals that I have never been comfortable drawing, atleast from memory, and as such these became the next area of focus. One of these mammals are dogs, something I have always sucked at drawings (maybe because I’am a cat person?), and as such typically tend to avoid, as such I decided to spend some time this month looking at the original dog, the wolf. Like the lizards above I am very pleased with the results, however much worked is still needed if I want to draw them from memory and incorporate their features into future creature designs, the whole reason I am doing these daily lunch break sketches.

October Sketches 04 & 05 - Kiba & Shino

October Sketch 04 & 05 – Kiba & Shino

I know I’m breaking my top four rule again this month by including a fifth image, however these two anime sketches where supposed to form a set of three depicting the three members of team 8 from Naruto. Of course as you can see there’s only two and that’s because I absolutely hated my drawing of Hinata due to some irreversible mistakes (I use ballpoint pens for the linework), and as such it got thrown away. Regardless of the loss of Hinata (who I promise to retry again in November), I was still very proud of my Kiba and Shino so I decided to include them anyways. Why are these “new”? Well even though last month included a bunch of Fairy Tail character portraits overall anime/manga drawing is still very new to me and remains a focus of mine as I continue to practice drawing human anatomy. Shino and the failed Hinata where also my first ever attempts at drawing these characters, and as such “new”.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.


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All You Can Eat Space Sheep:

by on Aug.13, 2013, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Originally intended to be a quick sketch and render this piece inevitably became a stretched out development due to distractions from work and play, whilst also prepping many of the future works I have in the long pipeline. The initial idea for this design came to me completely out of the blue whilst holding (and somewhat admiring) my then new cycling gloves, something you may be able to see in its peculiar anatomy.


Dividing Mouosis

The sheep sized Mouosis have been domesticated as a source of food by the Jelloop on their low gravity homeworld of Krem since the dawn of Jelloop civilisation. What makes the Mouosis such a valuable stock, aside from their culinary value, is the remarkable way they reproduce. Like the majority of life on Krem the Mouosis reproduce asexually, however unlike other creatures such as the Jelloop which produce smaller clones who adapt and morph as they grow into adulthood the Mouosis split into fully fledged adults. What’s even stranger is how they split. Dividing vertically down the middle a Mouosis will produce an identical conjoined twin, who will slowly break free over the course of a couple of weeks. During this time the two conjoined Mouosis will act as one individual until full separation, in which the new Mouosis becomes a fully independent creature and soon starts dividing itself. On rare occasions a still conjoined Mouosis can infact start to divide itself, before full independence, creating chains of three or four twins wide. This fast breeding behaviour means the relatively defenceless Mouosis can be readily preyed upon without its numbers ever seemingly decreasing. Infact many Mouosis farmers typically encourage wild predation to prevent domesticated stocks from getting out of control, particularly when captive Mouosis can breed all year round. This ability has given them much galactic fame, and they frequently appear as common monsters in role playing games because of it.


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New Year – New Anatomy Studies:

by on Jan.10, 2011, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Due to an unfortunate combination of work, holidays and a general lack of time I have regrettably been neglecting this site, something I can only apologise for, especially to anyone who has tried to contact me within that time frame. However with a new year comes a new start, and with a new start comes newer and stronger motivation to advance and improve.

So to kick start the new year here’s a couple of my most recent anatomy studies…

Dimetrodon SkullDimetrodon Skull

First a skull study of a Dimetrodon, a long extinct therapsid famous for its sail like back. This quick sketch was done as part of my ongoing quest to learn the fundamental basics of creature anatomy, and how important it is to know what a creature looks like both on the surface and within.

Bridgeman Hands 01Bridgeman Hands 01

Bridgeman Hands 02Bridgeman Hands 02

Secondly these final two studies focus on the human hand, however these are not direct studies of my own but rather studies of the sketches drawn by illustration expert George B. Bridgman, who’s anatomy study books have been an amazing source of study and inspiration. If you are new to illustration or struggling with human anatomy then I can’t recommend enough the worth of purchasing a copy of one of his books, they are 10/10.


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The Sketches Behind the Sketches:

by on Jul.31, 2010, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Here is a collection of some of my most recent study sketches, that where drawn primarily as background preparation for some of my newest creature designs including the Bone Calcibus. Others such as the tree frog illustration where done solely for fun and general study.

Anatomy studies – Human Teeth & ReptilesAnatomy Study – Swine Facial FeaturesAnatomy Study – Tree FrogAnatomy Study – Mammoth Skulls & TusksAnatomy Study – Sheep SkullAnimal Anatomy StudiesAnimal Anatomy Studies

This last image looks the facial structures of three distinctly different real world animals the Babirusa, Turkey Vulture and Lingcod, a mammal, a bird and a fish.


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Destructive Protection:

by on Apr.21, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

These two new creature designs portray potentially dangerous giants, that while destructive also serve roles which are both beneficial and vital to the protection and sustainability for their homeworld’s in the long run.

The Giant Rencharon of Renchar

The Giant Rencharon are five legged arthropods found on the moonworld of Renchar, a large rocky and metal rich world orbiting the massive gas giant, Nixdra III. The Giant Rencharon’s most distinctive feature is its large, naturally evolved, abdomen mounted, heated plasma canon, a highly powerful canon, even when compared by technological standards. The primary purpose of this canon is to shoot down potential aerial predators, however they can also use it to blast meteorites and asteroids out of the sky when Nixdra III annually passes through the edge of the systems largest asteroid belt. Its because of the Giant Rencharon that Renchar is been labelled a red listed hazardous world, due to the Giant Rencharon often shooting ships clean out of the sky, mistaking them for incoming asteroids, that while inconvenient for mining corporations it provides natural protection for the worlds rich and precious resources.

The Ka Ryygel of Telus V

The Ka Ryygel or “Forest Harvester”, are a long lived and colossal species of gentle giants found on the planet Telus V, where every 600 years or so they all simultaneously awaken from  hibernation and consume almost 50% of the planets thick forests, pulling the trees from the ground with their expendable arms, then roasting all plant matter in a furnace like stomach, before filtering through the remaining ash and charcoal for precious nutrients in an additional two secondary stomach chambers.

When interplanetary settlers first encountered the Ka Ryygel they initially saw them as a global threat and bid to destroy them. However they soon realised that these herbivorous giants actually played an integral role in the planets ecology, in a similar fashion to the forest fires here on Earth, clearing land to promote new growth, then fertilising it with the waste materials and undigested seeds, that the Ka Ryygel spray from the tip of their long hollow tail.

Semi-Fun Fact: The Ka Ryygel “Forest Harvester” was originally designed for the ConceptArt C.O.W challenge #173 – Forest Harvester, a topic idea that was my own suggestion.


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Om Nom Nom Nom – The Cookieback Whale:

by on Mar.19, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes

The image below was my entry into this weeks C.O.W contest, C.O.W. #170- The Real Cookie Monster. The goal of this contest was to redesign the Cookie Monster Muppet from Sesame Street fame into any kind of creature, just as long as its blue.

Umm-num-num-numThe Cookieback Whale

The Cookieback Whale is an immense cookie obsessed leviathan, inhabiting is own twisted micro-universe known as the “Cookieverse”, a vast Confectionery filled bubble, stuck between universes. However although isolated and remote the Cookieback Whale can open portals directly into the cookie jars and containers of our universe and beyond, dragging their contents back into its dimension. This ability to harvest cookie’s from an near infinite number of universe’s has allowed it to stockpile billions upon billions of its favourite food source, which coalesce into gigantic “Biscuit Belts”, and even entire solar systems that remain perfectly persevered for it to endlessly feast upon.

So the next time you notice that someone has stolen the cookie’s from your cookie jar, don’t blame your friends, family or that pesky mouse you have been chasing for all these years, instead know that the Cookieback Whale has paid a visit, and shall most likely return again if it smells its most favourite food of them all…. Cookie’s.


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Parrot Beak & Dragon Ferret:

by on Sep.04, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

Originally designed completely separate from one another, the more I worked on these alien dinosaurs the more I wanted to see the two together. Eventually merging their backstories not just as two separate species but also the individual characters themselves.

"P" the PsittacoduPentorrinexu “P” Vandango the Psittacodu

Able to move as both a quadruped when walking and a biped when running, the dinosaur like Psittacodu stand just above the hips on a standard human. They are logical and bold in numbers, but not necessarily adventurous and often timid if alone. They are long lived with close but small families, with children often born one at a time. The females sported pink plumage and lacked the horns and tail spikes. The Psittacodu where already an advanced and accomplished race long before first contact with the Jeepeg, with a large space navy, consisting of slow and defensive carriers and destroyers.

Semi-Fun Fact: The Psittacodu’s appearance is based on a genus of parrot beaked Dinosaurs known as Psittacosaurus.

Flex the Jeepeg Flex Brotchsteen the Jeepeg

While the Jeepeg may only stand at just over a foot tall, what they lack in appearance they made up for in character. Born in big litters of up to 6 or more the Jeepeg had large but not very close families, with a typical Jeepeg being self driven, adventures, energetic, self and often overly confident. The males wattles and head spikes varied among individuals, and are completely absent in the females, bar two much shorter and rounded head spikes. The Jeepeg space navy is famed for its fast and manoeuvrable corvettes and fighter interceptors.

Semi-Fun Fact: The Jeepeg’s design came from mixing elements from both an eastern world dragon and a ferret. Its name, Jeepeg, is a pun on the file format, JPEG.

Its these differences that have formed the long withstanding alliance between the two races, particularly in their combined military from which their political alliance was first formed. An example of this collaboration is the “ship for hire” (known galactically as shippers) duo Pentorrinexu “P” Vandango and Flex Brotchsteen. True to their species stereotypes “P” is the brains and logic, while Flex is the mouth and motivator, whether it be for a simple ferry service or a dangerous smuggling job.


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Wacky Waders:

by on Aug.14, 2009, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Taking a Kaiju break, I decided to revisit my unorthodox bird collection concept, where I would pick a real word UK bird species then attempt to use attributes from its anatomy to inspire a new creature design. The outcome from this attempt is the Black-backed Stilt…

Black-backed StiltsBlack-backed Stilts – Mother & Child

The Black-backed Stilt is a predatory, prominently fish eating beast influenced by the similarly named Black-winged stilt, a small real world wading bird and personally one of my favourite animals. Unfortunately I have yet to spot a wild one yet since its technically only a rare vagrant to the UK, so until then I just got my monster version to enjoy!


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Kaiju Wars – Mutant Mulood vs. Ba’Bate:

by on Aug.13, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Beasts, Character Design, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes

Mulood vs BaBate Mutant Mulood vs. Ba’Bate

A slightly more experimental piece, this battle scene was originally drawn as a very rough pencil sketch then scanned into Photoshop were it was coloured,  edited and sharpened. This piece features the Mulood “Fungus Creeper”, a creature originally designed as a dungeon dwelling, blood sucking, demonic beast, rather than a city stomping Kaiju. However I liked the design of the Muloodso much I decided to reuse it again here, labelling it as a mutated version of its kind. The Fungus Creepers monster rival, shown here as a veiny spiked leg, is a monster known as Ba’Bate who I intend to design fully at a later stage.


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