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October – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Oct.30, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

October’s outcome was remarkably similar to last months sketch collection, in that it had no true theme, I struggled to balance drawing time with other obligations and that it ended with a mass of anime character studies. However despite all of this much like September I can look back and be extremely proud with much of what I was able to achieve. The reason for this is that although there was no overruling theme to my daily drawings, when I look back I can see that one did unconsciously emerge, and that was the theme of “new”.

Lizard StudiesOctober Sketch 01 & 02 – Lizard Studies

When I say that “new” was the keyword of the month, what I mean is that the subjects I happened to choose to draw (offend on a whim based on my mood), where of creatures or characters I’ve never drawn before, or atleast attempted to draw in awhile. I had noticed that when deciding upon animals to draw for these daily sketches all of my subject species have been either mammals (my comfort zone) or birds (my favourite of the animal kingdoms), as such I decided to kick start October with a weeks worth of reptile studies, specifically lizards. My aim was to draw them fast and loose, learning how to capture their form and textures without going overkill on individual details of each and every scale. After a weeks worth of sketching I am rather pleased with the results, to the point of choosing the two above as the first half of this months top four. However it is an area that I can still improve upon greatly.

WolvesOctober Sketch 03 – Wolves

Even though I did just state that mammals are my comfort zone when it comes to drawing, there are still many mammals that I have never been comfortable drawing, atleast from memory, and as such these became the next area of focus. One of these mammals are dogs, something I have always sucked at drawings (maybe because I’am a cat person?), and as such typically tend to avoid, as such I decided to spend some time this month looking at the original dog, the wolf. Like the lizards above I am very pleased with the results, however much worked is still needed if I want to draw them from memory and incorporate their features into future creature designs, the whole reason I am doing these daily lunch break sketches.

October Sketches 04 & 05 - Kiba & Shino

October Sketch 04 & 05 – Kiba & Shino

I know I’m breaking my top four rule again this month by including a fifth image, however these two anime sketches where supposed to form a set of three depicting the three members of team 8 from Naruto. Of course as you can see there’s only two and that’s because I absolutely hated my drawing of Hinata due to some irreversible mistakes (I use ballpoint pens for the linework), and as such it got thrown away. Regardless of the loss of Hinata (who I promise to retry again in November), I was still very proud of my Kiba and Shino so I decided to include them anyways. Why are these “new”? Well even though last month included a bunch of Fairy Tail character portraits overall anime/manga drawing is still very new to me and remains a focus of mine as I continue to practice drawing human anatomy. Shino and the failed Hinata where also my first ever attempts at drawing these characters, and as such “new”.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.


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Hells Oasis:

by on Feb.07, 2013, under Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Sentients

Although fresh from Photoshop this newest piece, the Puppet Leech, is infact the oldest design featured to date on this blog, not in terms of completion but in the appearance of creature itself. This demotic mummified totem is a reimagining of a creature I actually first drew way back in my early teens, a creature that for reasons unknown has just stuck around in my mind waiting to be redrawn.

Puppet LeechPuppet Leech

One of the many myths that surround the Puppet Masters is that they can never feel fear for they are fear personified. This would appear to be true as a Puppet Master uses fear as its primary weapon to attack the mind of its victim, mentally breaking them apart layer by layer so as to ensnare their bodies and pull them into their dimension to feast off the energy that they used to exist. However unknown to anyone but themselves there is one thing they truly do fear, the Puppet Leeches. A cult of renegade Puppet Masters who remain in our dimension and instead feed off the essence of their Puppet Master brethren. However just because they’d rather cannibalise their own kind does not make them any kinder to us, infact their psychopathic nature makes them far worst.

I am not entirely happy with the final outcome of this piece, I feel it looks quite flat and the composition is all wrong. However I do like the mythology behind the design and that is something I wish to continue and develop upon in the future.


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Swimming in an Ocean of Gas:

by on May.10, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes

The creation of this vast gas giant inhabitant came from two separate factors, the first was my desire to further experiment with the translucent effects I had been working on in my last creature design the Turoktune, and the second was the brief from C.O.W #175Great White Carnivorous Worm with Young. I then decided to set the piece within the upper layers of a gas giant so I could play around with atmospheric rendering.

Rytanni Vrymiju & Young

The Rytanni Vrymiju are a species of colossal floating worms, found within the upper layers of the gas giant G. Whimlip, a world where life thrives in “oceans” of gas. Adult Rytanni Vrymiju can grow up to 120 meters in length, and drift through the upper atmosphere hunting for smaller organisms in a process similar to filter feeding. The young, which are normally born in broods between 4 and 5, are not quite as placid as the adults, parasitically feeding off their mother and constantly trying to out compete each other for the richest feeding area behind her head. They continue to feed like this until they are large enough to fend for themselves, usually drinking their mothers dry in the process.


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Demonic Translucent Ooze – Turoktune:

by on May.05, 2010, under Aliens & Monsters, Beasts, Character Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

The design of this gelatinous demonoid, the Turoktune, was born as an experimental piece focusing on highlight rendering and translucency.  Like my other most recent designs I have also thought up a backstory for these vicious underworld sirens to help expand upon their design.

A “Human” Turoktune

The Turoktune are a mysterious species of unknown origin found in the dark back allies and under layers of the luxurious casino metropolis’s world of La Raxi. They stalk and kill anyone foolish or drunk enough to enter the cities long abandoned lower levels, and even though the authorities “officially” deny their existence they are believed to be responsible for thousands of missing person accounts. While no one is believed to have meet a Turoktune and survived, it is rumoured that they lure in their prey with a mesmerising light display which emanates from chemical reactions within their translucent skin, captivating any creature with the ability of sight, creating an irresistible, hallucinogenic and provocative spectacle. They then consume their transfixed prey, incorporating their bones and memories into their own. This ability to steal its victims memories can turn a Turoktune from a mindless hunter into a sentient assassin. It is unknown how much of an impact its victims memories can have an a Turoktune’s psyche, however it appears that they remain detached from any emotional bonds carried over, either through suppression or from a general lack of understanding towards higher emotions such as compassion.


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Hydrokinetic Mutant Sea Anemone:

by on Mar.28, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes

Here is my newest C.O.W entry, The Neptune’s Spire, a colossal mutant sea anemone. Designed for the C.O.W #171 – Giant Amphibious War Beast contest,  aimed at creating monstrous behemoths recruited by humans as fresh water lake guardians in the year 4010, after server climate change left the Earth covered almost entirely in water until the oceans receded and fresh water became the new oil.

Neptune’s Spire

Towering into the sky like the skyscraper’s from the years before the great melt, a Neptune’s Spire in its watery home is a wondrous spectacle to behold, however it is also an extremely dangerous one. With powerful hydrokinesis abilities these highly evolved  sea anemone can control the very water they stand in, creating devastating whirlpools, tidal waves, columns of water and even vast storm systems by manipulating the moisture in the air around them.

Many human clans have tried to domesticate them however gaining the trust of a wild Neptune’s Spire is an almost impossible task, instead having to be raised and trained from birth to their battle ready maturity, a process that takes almost 200 years, and even then its loyalty is not always guaranteed. Although when successful, these amphibious cnidarians make the ultimate lake guardians, able to annihilate entire armies with the precocious resource they are trying to claim for themselves, fresh water.


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Alien Waters full of Alien Sharks:

by on Jan.18, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Continuing with my project of studying both human and animal anatomies, I have started to look at the apex predators of the sea, sharks! Particularly focusing on the hammerhead shark, which is undoubtedly one of the best looking things in the sea, aside from the blobfish that is (but we’ll come to that later, hint hint). However rather than just copy some direct anatomy studies, I decided to mix both study and imagination together creating the Drakes… (No not male ducks)

X-faced DrakeX-faced Drake / Double Hammerhead Drake

Greeneyed DrakeGreeneyed Drake

Arbiter DrakeArbiter Drake

Semi-Fun Fact: The design of the Arbiter Shark was inspired by a combination of the facial structure of the Elite species from the Halo franchise, as the name might allude, and the jawbone of a sheep.


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Hells Toy Shop:

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Sentients

This new demonic creature design is the third consecutive experimental piece created entirely as a digital render, following on from the Nuu Nulip.

Puppet Master - "Pony"Puppet Master – “Pony”

Puppet Masters interact with our world through a stitched together leathery husk known as a Flesh Teddy. It is said that they roam the stars, within the very fabric of space, searching for ill-fated ships to both scare and demoralise the crew with its often deadly practical jokes. It’s believed that these “jokes” are used to hypnotize the crew into childish dreams, luring them into its own twisted dimension, known as “The Dark Playground”. Once trapped the victim’s souls are believed to be converted into new Puppet Masters, while their reanimated bodies become the mangled Flesh Teddies in-which they reside… Or so the myths say.


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Jellyroom or Mushfish?

by on Oct.14, 2009, under Beasts, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes

Nuu NulipNuu Nulip

The inspiration for the strange mushroomoid creature above came to me while redesigning the Mulood fungus monster from the post below, “Danger Trespassers Will Be Consumed”. However unlike the mobile Mulood, for this creature design I wondered what a static carnivorous mushroom might look like. The outcome was the Nuu Nulip, a strange cross between a mushroom, a jellyfish and a table lamp. Luring in its prey with its bright luminous cap, then snagging it with its stinging jellyfish like tentacles and adsorbing its fluids till its nothing more than a lifeless husk. Similarly to my last piece, the Nuu Nulip was a completely digital creation developed entirely by the skills picked up from its forbearer’s creation.


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Danger Trespassers Will Be Consumed:

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Sentients, Studies & Sketches

Swamp MuloodMulood’s Lair

This is a redesign of one of my favourite creature designs, the fungus monster Mulood. The original Mulood sketch was drawn well over a year ago, back when I was first experimenting with digital artwork, this made it the perfect candidate to be redesigned using some of the new skills and techniques I have learnt since that time. In addition to revitalizing a dated design this was also done as an experimental piece playing with new techniques in depth, lighting and atmosphere, as well as being one of my first entirely digital creations from sketch to completion. While the final piece is far from perfect it dose mark an important stepping stone and I thank the community of for the solid advice and meaningful criticism that was greatly appreciated.


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Invasion of the Space Koalas:

by on Sep.15, 2009, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Po Po NuffPo Po Nuff

The rather bizarre Po Po Nuff was a somewhat random creation made from my desire to create something cute yet creepy that you could easily imagine as a strange yet plausible alien pet. Its hybrid appearance draws inspiration from a variety of real world animals including koala’s, bushbabies and even a species of small single clawed dinosaur called a Shuvuuia.

I am personally not 100% happy with its final design, although would enjoy coming back to the design at a later date, tweaking its rather awkward looking anatomy and playing around with the possibility of introducing a variety of different domestic breeds. Another design feature I would like to incorporate is the inclusion of a thin and sticky frog-like tongue, used in the wild to catch its insectoid prey.


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