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October – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Oct.30, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

October’s outcome was remarkably similar to last months sketch collection, in that it had no true theme, I struggled to balance drawing time with other obligations and that it ended with a mass of anime character studies. However despite all of this much like September I can look back and be extremely proud with much of what I was able to achieve. The reason for this is that although there was no overruling theme to my daily drawings, when I look back I can see that one did unconsciously emerge, and that was the theme of “new”.

Lizard StudiesOctober Sketch 01 & 02 – Lizard Studies

When I say that “new” was the keyword of the month, what I mean is that the subjects I happened to choose to draw (offend on a whim based on my mood), where of creatures or characters I’ve never drawn before, or atleast attempted to draw in awhile. I had noticed that when deciding upon animals to draw for these daily sketches all of my subject species have been either mammals (my comfort zone) or birds (my favourite of the animal kingdoms), as such I decided to kick start October with a weeks worth of reptile studies, specifically lizards. My aim was to draw them fast and loose, learning how to capture their form and textures without going overkill on individual details of each and every scale. After a weeks worth of sketching I am rather pleased with the results, to the point of choosing the two above as the first half of this months top four. However it is an area that I can still improve upon greatly.

WolvesOctober Sketch 03 – Wolves

Even though I did just state that mammals are my comfort zone when it comes to drawing, there are still many mammals that I have never been comfortable drawing, atleast from memory, and as such these became the next area of focus. One of these mammals are dogs, something I have always sucked at drawings (maybe because I’am a cat person?), and as such typically tend to avoid, as such I decided to spend some time this month looking at the original dog, the wolf. Like the lizards above I am very pleased with the results, however much worked is still needed if I want to draw them from memory and incorporate their features into future creature designs, the whole reason I am doing these daily lunch break sketches.

October Sketches 04 & 05 - Kiba & Shino

October Sketch 04 & 05 – Kiba & Shino

I know I’m breaking my top four rule again this month by including a fifth image, however these two anime sketches where supposed to form a set of three depicting the three members of team 8 from Naruto. Of course as you can see there’s only two and that’s because I absolutely hated my drawing of Hinata due to some irreversible mistakes (I use ballpoint pens for the linework), and as such it got thrown away. Regardless of the loss of Hinata (who I promise to retry again in November), I was still very proud of my Kiba and Shino so I decided to include them anyways. Why are these “new”? Well even though last month included a bunch of Fairy Tail character portraits overall anime/manga drawing is still very new to me and remains a focus of mine as I continue to practice drawing human anatomy. Shino and the failed Hinata where also my first ever attempts at drawing these characters, and as such “new”.

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Thank you.


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All You Can Eat Space Sheep:

by on Aug.13, 2013, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Originally intended to be a quick sketch and render this piece inevitably became a stretched out development due to distractions from work and play, whilst also prepping many of the future works I have in the long pipeline. The initial idea for this design came to me completely out of the blue whilst holding (and somewhat admiring) my then new cycling gloves, something you may be able to see in its peculiar anatomy.


Dividing Mouosis

The sheep sized Mouosis have been domesticated as a source of food by the Jelloop on their low gravity homeworld of Krem since the dawn of Jelloop civilisation. What makes the Mouosis such a valuable stock, aside from their culinary value, is the remarkable way they reproduce. Like the majority of life on Krem the Mouosis reproduce asexually, however unlike other creatures such as the Jelloop which produce smaller clones who adapt and morph as they grow into adulthood the Mouosis split into fully fledged adults. What’s even stranger is how they split. Dividing vertically down the middle a Mouosis will produce an identical conjoined twin, who will slowly break free over the course of a couple of weeks. During this time the two conjoined Mouosis will act as one individual until full separation, in which the new Mouosis becomes a fully independent creature and soon starts dividing itself. On rare occasions a still conjoined Mouosis can infact start to divide itself, before full independence, creating chains of three or four twins wide. This fast breeding behaviour means the relatively defenceless Mouosis can be readily preyed upon without its numbers ever seemingly decreasing. Infact many Mouosis farmers typically encourage wild predation to prevent domesticated stocks from getting out of control, particularly when captive Mouosis can breed all year round. This ability has given them much galactic fame, and they frequently appear as common monsters in role playing games because of it.


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Invasion of the Zombie Space Crabs:

by on Jan.06, 2013, under Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

While watching a natural history documentary detailing the extraordinary life cycle of a parasitical fungus which infects ants, I became inspired to revisit my recently completed creature design, the extremophile Qulucpode, and combine it with its own parasitical nemesis, Hollow Rot…

Qulucpode "Zombie"Qulucpode Infected with Hollow Rot

Hollow Rot is an extremely deadly plague that specifically targets the Qulucpode, and has been likened to a zombie outbreak. While it can spread with the speed of a virus, Hollow Rot is in actuality a fungal infection, spread through the intake of its spores. Like the Qulucpode these spores can survive in the extreme environment of space and can lay dormant in lunar soil for hundreds of years. When infected Hollow Rot immediately targets the brain, first preventing the immune system from attacking and then numbing pain within the infected areas. It then spreads symptomless and undetected throughout its host, feeding off the host’s least vital organs, while constantly tricking the mind that nothing is amiss. Once the fungus nears a critical mass it takes full control of the Qulucpodes body, triggering amnesia and forcing the host to move into high or well ventilated areas. Once there the parasite finishes consuming all non-vital mass, including the eyes, then triggers a pressure build-up that forces its host to explode into a cloud of billions of new spores. Early in the Qulucpodes industrial age the infection became so wide spread that it almost wiped the species out, only thanks to improvements in ventilation, filtration systems, medicine and the dark and drastic actions taken on known infected individuals, that the spread was eventually halted and long thought exterminated. However due to the resilient nature of the Hollow Rot spores small outbreaks are occasionally reported in the poorer outer colonies of Qulucpode space.


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On the Shores of Lunar Seas:

by on Jan.04, 2013, under Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

Hello and a happy new year! As promised here’s my first new piece of 2013 (even though I technically started working on the majority of it last year). Inspired by the amazing eyes of the barreleye, a type of deep sea fish, for this new creature I wanted to design an extremophile, something any naturalist would look at as a true wonder of evolution.


The Qulucpodes lunar homeworld of Ooderim has such a thin atmosphere that for the vast majority of its orbital year it’s practically non-existent, shaping its inhabitants into one of the galaxies prime examples of an extra-atmospheric species, able to live the entirety off their lives in the harsh vacuum of outer space. Able to tolerant the extreme cold and deadly cosmic radiation the Qulucpode have evolved organic liquid metal for blood, powered by a “heart” which acts as an organic battery, charging itself via their own leg and arm movements, or for a quick charge boost by rapidly rotating their large spherical eyes. They are able to do this as their eyes are not physically connected to their brain via an optic nerve, instead they “wirelessly” transmit data via contact with specialist nerves that line the backs of their sockets. This has allowed the Qulucpode to evolve compound eyes completely covered in highly detailed receivers, with different areas designed to view light at different wavelengths, which thanks to the added ability of being able to rotate each eye individually lets the Qulucpode combine different wavelengths for a truly advanced view of their hostile surroundings. These adaptations make the Qulucpode ideal workers in vacuum environments such as asteroid mining and orbital ship construction, yet become useless on planets such as Earth where without a vacuum and under higher gravity their heavy bodies become completely immobile.


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Bugbird & Psychohare:

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

The two images below continued the new artistic style I have been playing with in recent designs, using a mixture of bold sharpening lines combined with realistic shading and detail. Here I also aimed to explore the importance of characterisation in my designs, and try explain my reasoning behind such choices.


The Mikoogrupp or “Bugbird”, was a fairly straight forward design, with the only real changes between its final form and its original designs being a removal of a second pair of smaller praying mantis style scythe arms, that I felt over complicated the design. I wanted the Mikoogrupp species to resemble a mangy humanoid alien fly, but characterise it with an unexpected cultured and sophisticated appearance, with subtle hints to a darker side and history in the form of its blood stained bone necklace.

Ruur - Jester AssassinRuur – Jester Assassin

While the physical appearance of the Ruur as horned lagomorph humanoids went reasonably unchanged throughout the design process, the species actual characterised appearance went through several design phases. From the start I had intended for the Ruur to be a former slave race with initial depictions resembling ancient Egyptian pyramid workers. Unhappy with this design it then shifted to become more of a oriental, armour clad bounty hunter, ignoring my original concept, before eventually shifting yet again to become this more whimsical grenade juggling jester. An oddball yet deadly assassin aimed at taking down his former masters, in the most explosive way possible.

Additionally both races where once slaves to the Valleeshan, but for two very different reasons, with the similarly insectoid Mikoogrupp employed as soldiers and canon fodder, while the Ruur where imprisoned as labours and miners.


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Invasion of the Space Koalas:

by on Sep.15, 2009, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Po Po NuffPo Po Nuff

The rather bizarre Po Po Nuff was a somewhat random creation made from my desire to create something cute yet creepy that you could easily imagine as a strange yet plausible alien pet. Its hybrid appearance draws inspiration from a variety of real world animals including koala’s, bushbabies and even a species of small single clawed dinosaur called a Shuvuuia.

I am personally not 100% happy with its final design, although would enjoy coming back to the design at a later date, tweaking its rather awkward looking anatomy and playing around with the possibility of introducing a variety of different domestic breeds. Another design feature I would like to incorporate is the inclusion of a thin and sticky frog-like tongue, used in the wild to catch its insectoid prey.


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Extrauniversal Tourism:

by on Aug.24, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients


The Nimm was designed to be a lifeform that can naturally travel between universes. Able to exist as both non-corporeal energy and as a corporeal humanoid, the artwork above shows the Nimm in a transition state between forms. The Nimm are generally considered a mythological race since an encounter with on is extremely rare. It is unknown from which universe or universes the Nimm originate, however it is known that they are not indigenous to ours. The few scholars that actually attempt to study them believe that the Nimm may have actually lost their original home universe long ago.



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Conjurer & the Conjured:

by on Aug.12, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Beasts, Character Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Prop & Technology Design, Robots & Cyborgs, Sentients

These two illustrations came from the urge to incorporate more magical and fantasy-esque elements into my designs, plus my desire to play with texture and lighting. Originally intended to go together in a single piece with the mage summing his golem creation, in the end I split them into the two separate illustrations shown here.

Zel'Nug'Noon MageZel’Nug’Noon Mage

Animated RubbleAnimated Rubble


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Humanoid Reptilian Insectoids:

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

These two alien designs, the Tizard bandit and the Valleeshan warrior drone, contain both reptilian and insectoid attributes within their humanoid physiology. For me these “repto-insectoid” designs allow for greater creative freedom and the chance to create some truly unique creatures.

TizardTizard Bandit

This desert dwelling alien was created to be both deadly and beautiful with its shiny pearl like exoskeleton. Smart, sophisticated and bond by honour and justice the Tizard are a powerful and influential race across the known galaxy as both aristocrats and crime lords alike.

Valleeshan DroneValleeshan Warrior Drone

The Valleeshan where once a ferocious and powerful races, with a vast empire covering close to a quarter of the galaxy. They were widely and rightly feared for their harsh treatment towards other races, either enslaving them or destroying them as they swarmed like a plague through the civilised regions of the galaxy. It was only through the combined alliance of several of the galaxies most powerful races that the Valleeshan where eventually pushed back into hiding on their unknown and rumoured mobile homeworld, located at the very tip of one of the galaxies mighty arms. Many believe this brutal hive species shall on day reappear, while others speculate that they’ve left the galaxy entirely searching for new civilisations to destroy and conquer.


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