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December – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Jan.03, 2015, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Happy 2015 from FiddzyDesign!

December was a bit of a break month, firstly I took a break from the character drawings that dominated November and secondly I took a break from the daily drawing challenges to concentrate on an extremely busy holiday season. As such the number of drawings done this December have not been as plentiful, however I would argue that most of them have been some of my all time best. A true case of quality over quantity.

Capybara December Sketch 01 – Capybara

Red River HogDecember Sketch 02 – Red River Hog

Desert HareDecember Sketch 03 – Desert Hare

The above three bright red sketches all came from a week in mid December where I decided to try out a slightly different style and inject a bit of bright festive colour into my somewhat monochrome sketch collection. It was originally going to be a one off with the capybara sketch, however I liked the end result so much that I continued it a drew the other two. I liked these sketches so much that I couldn’t decide on a favourite and as such decided to add all three to this months top four. However if I was absolutely forced to the final sketch of the desert hare would be the all time winner.

RabbitsDecember Sketch 04 – Rabbits

Allot of my sketches in December took the Lunch Break Challenge (even if they where all drawn after dinner) back to its roots and focused on animal anatomy studies, particularly mammals. Out of all of them, including the red collection above, these anatomy studies of rabbits is my favourite, in fact it may be my favourite drawing from the entire challenge so far. While scaling is still an issue I feel that this sketch best captures the work I’ve done looking into mammalian physiology and fur structure. Plus its of some rabbits, which are one of my favourite animals to draw!

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.



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August – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Aug.31, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Month number two into my “Lunch Break Challenge” and I’m still going strong, although I regrettably lost two days this month due to higher priority obligations. However despite that minor set back I still felt that August was an extremely strong month for me, particularly in terms of progression. Unlike July, where I was mostly drawing subjects on a whim, this month was far more structured. My aim across August was to really get to grips with mammalian form, particularly in regards to drawing hair, which minus a couple of fan art sketches was a recurring focus across all of this months sketches. Below are my top four sketches from Augusts furry collection…

Highland Cattle August Sketch 01 – Highland Cattle

Following on from the ungulate sketches I was doing towards the end of July was a two day stint of drawing highland cattle. The sketch above was my second attempt after I deemed the first one to be a catastrophic failure due to various anatomy scaling issues. This second attempt however turned out to be a vast improvement although still far from perfect itself. It was this sketch which would lead to my goal of focusing on studying how to effectively draw the form of hair over an animals muscular anatomy, and to look in further detail at what relationship hair and body has when dealing with an animals form.

Raccoon FacesAugust Sketch 02 – Raccoons

Wishing to move away from drawing farmyard animals and inspired by the Rocket Raccoon character from the (awesome!) film Guardians of the Galaxy, I decided to look at the facial anatomies of raccoons. For these speed sketches I particularly focused on how their hair gives raccoons their iconic triangular shape and masked eyes. I also wanted to focus on their whiskers, an important part of many mammals anatomies that I had always tended to leave out in the past out of fear it would “detract from” their form, rather than enhance it.

Porcupines August Sketch 03 – Porcupines

In an attempt to challenge myself, and to move away from my comfort zones I decided to draw an animal I’ve never attempted before, the porcupine. I felt that the porcupine was a great example of a animal that uses hair, and quills in this instance, to expand is overall form away from its actual body, where you need to focus on the structure of these instead of its musculature in order to capture the true form of the animal.

HedgehogsAugust Sketch 04 – Hedgehogs

The Hedgehog felt like the next logical step to follow on from the porcupine, and has been a target animal of mine to draw ever since setting myself these daily challenges. For some reason the hedgehog has always been an animal I’ve struggled to draw, especially from memory. While I am very happy with these attempts I still don’t quite grasp how to truly draw their anatomy and as such its an animal I will continue to look at into September.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.


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July – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Jul.31, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Phew, my first month of “lunch break” sketches is complete, even if they weren’t all strictly timed to be done at lunch, although atleast I did manage to hit my quota of drawing one every Monday to Friday. I really enjoyed doing these and is definitely something I shall continue to do over the coming months. July’s sketches where a real mixed bag, with no overall theme. Lots of animal anatomy studies, most focusing on a mix of farmyard animals and birds, in particular Ostrich’s and similarly structured species. In addition I broke these studies up with a bunch of fan art sketches as I continually try and learn to draw in an anime/manga style. Looking back over the last month there are lots of sketches I am extremely happy with, so here I thought I’d upload four of my favourites and my thoughts concerning them…

Eren Jaeger (Titan)July Sketch 01 – Eren Jaeger (Titan)

Starting off the second week of sketches was this, my first fan art piece of the challenge. This character study is of Eren Jaeger in his Titan shifter form, the main protagonist from the amazing anime series Attack on Titan (COME ON SEASON TWO!). While it may not be a perfect representation of the character, with a couple of scaling issues, what I do really like about it was that it was my first attempt at merging ballpoint pen linework with pencil shading. I personally think these two mediums work really well in conjunction, with the pen highlighting the form and shape against the subtle pencil shading, which can often become lost and overcomplicated when drawn entirely in pen.

Ostrich Leg StudiesJuly Sketch 02- Ostrich Leg Studies

This sketch was done as part of the randomly themed Ostrich and llama week, and as the name suggests it details sketches of Ostrich anatomy studies, focusing particularly on their legs and feet. I wanted to focus on the legs as it was an area I was struggling to get right in a previous days drawing, and if I could get the understandings correct here I could apply it to future creature designs and even Dinosaur sketches.

Cassowary's July Sketch 03 – Cassowary’s

I really like these Cassowary sketches as I was able to shade and colour them using nothing but basic office stationary; black, blue and red ballpoint pens, a pencil and a yellow highlighter. What I also liked was the realisation of how reptilian and Dinosaur like birds truly are, particularly when they have bald heads and bony crests like these. This sketch also sparked the inspiration for a brand new creature design, which I have begun work on.

Rare Breed SheepJuly Sketch 04 – Rare Breed Sheep

One of the very last sketches I did this month is one of my very favourites, some anatomy studies of sheep, particularly rare breeds of sheep. My aim for this piece was to get not only a better anatomy understanding of both sheep and ungulates in general, but also to focus on their wool and how it coats their bodies creating their form. I feel that this, along with the Cassowary’s above are my two strongest animal anatomy studies from July.

Looking ahead into August I’ll be concentrating on allot more animal anatomy studies as that is an area I really wish to improve upon. However I will also begin to look at the human form, both through real world observation and through the anime/manga drawing style.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.



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The One Hour Lunch Break Drawing Challenge:

by on Jun.29, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Site News, Studies & Sketches

Greetings, Since designing the Snow Calcibus and explaining upon the Calcibus mythologies this site has regrettably remained update free over the past three months. However this lack of original content has partly been due to an expansion in my use of Twitter as a means of image sharing. During this three month lull, I have been using my time to focus on improving my basic drawing skills as well as continue to develop upon my sideline writing project. In this time I have been primarily focusing on mastering the anatomies of the many animals that I have always seemed to struggle at drawing (looking at you the ungulates) and its my goal to continue to develop these skills until I can get them embedded within my drawing memory. In addition I have also been attempting to accurately draw Anime characters (exclusively Naruto at the moment) as a starting point to help develop my human anatomy understandings, particularly faces and characterisation. Twitter has become a great easy access tool for sharing these sketches, especially as most of them have occurred during my lunch breaks at work.

To help further my development I have decided to turn these random sketch hours into a consistent trend. So starting from tomorrow I am beginning my “One Hour Lunch Break Challenge”, in which every week day (where possible) it is my aim to put aside an hour and use it to sketch (I say at lunch but doubt it always will be). At first I will continue to hone my anatomy skills, on top of some occasional fan art, before I once again begin developing genuine new content (still got a back catalogue of concepts building up).

Below is an example of one of my most recent lunch break sketches. Unlike the normal pencil sketches that I upload onto this blog, these have both been drawn in Biro, my preferred speed-sketching medium. What I like about using pen over pencil in these situations is that when I make a mistake (which admittedly is rather common, hence all the practising) I have to roll with it, further highlighting the problem in the finished sketch and pushing myself to avoid the same issue with the next attempt.

Wild Boar - Anatomy Studies Wild Boars – Anatomy Studies

So Please join me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates of my newest drawing project. Plus stay tuned on this Blog for future updates over the upcoming summer months.


Thank you,



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All You Can Eat Space Sheep:

by on Aug.13, 2013, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Originally intended to be a quick sketch and render this piece inevitably became a stretched out development due to distractions from work and play, whilst also prepping many of the future works I have in the long pipeline. The initial idea for this design came to me completely out of the blue whilst holding (and somewhat admiring) my then new cycling gloves, something you may be able to see in its peculiar anatomy.


Dividing Mouosis

The sheep sized Mouosis have been domesticated as a source of food by the Jelloop on their low gravity homeworld of Krem since the dawn of Jelloop civilisation. What makes the Mouosis such a valuable stock, aside from their culinary value, is the remarkable way they reproduce. Like the majority of life on Krem the Mouosis reproduce asexually, however unlike other creatures such as the Jelloop which produce smaller clones who adapt and morph as they grow into adulthood the Mouosis split into fully fledged adults. What’s even stranger is how they split. Dividing vertically down the middle a Mouosis will produce an identical conjoined twin, who will slowly break free over the course of a couple of weeks. During this time the two conjoined Mouosis will act as one individual until full separation, in which the new Mouosis becomes a fully independent creature and soon starts dividing itself. On rare occasions a still conjoined Mouosis can infact start to divide itself, before full independence, creating chains of three or four twins wide. This fast breeding behaviour means the relatively defenceless Mouosis can be readily preyed upon without its numbers ever seemingly decreasing. Infact many Mouosis farmers typically encourage wild predation to prevent domesticated stocks from getting out of control, particularly when captive Mouosis can breed all year round. This ability has given them much galactic fame, and they frequently appear as common monsters in role playing games because of it.


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Invasion of the Space Koalas:

by on Sep.15, 2009, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Po Po NuffPo Po Nuff

The rather bizarre Po Po Nuff was a somewhat random creation made from my desire to create something cute yet creepy that you could easily imagine as a strange yet plausible alien pet. Its hybrid appearance draws inspiration from a variety of real world animals including koala’s, bushbabies and even a species of small single clawed dinosaur called a Shuvuuia.

I am personally not 100% happy with its final design, although would enjoy coming back to the design at a later date, tweaking its rather awkward looking anatomy and playing around with the possibility of introducing a variety of different domestic breeds. Another design feature I would like to incorporate is the inclusion of a thin and sticky frog-like tongue, used in the wild to catch its insectoid prey.


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Dinosaur Goats & Alien Sheep:

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Equal to drawing is my passion for wildlife, with the animal kingdom being my biggest source of inspiration. Yet I often tend to focus on designing humanoid and sentient creatures. Therefore I felt it was only natural to finally include some purely animal creature designs.

Crimson Mountian NothCrimson Mountain Noth

While it may look like the hellish offspring of a velociraptor and a goat the Crimson Mountain Noth is neither, instead having more in common with the common canny fox.

Giant OxentrurusGiant Oxentrurus

The Giant Oxentrurus was designed to be the alien equivalent of a domesticated sheep in both function and scale, despite having “giant” in its name. The difference being that unlike sheep the Oxentrurus lacks the ability to grow wool, instead being farmed for its armoured scales which can continuously regenerate after harmlessly being removed. However it is advised not to place an Oxentrurus in with your flock due to their habit of spitting smouldering embers from their snout, a design trait I was struggling to depict.


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