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September– Lunch Break Challenge Top Four(ish):

by on Sep.30, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Here we go month number three and these weekday sketches are now fully apart of my daily life, even on my laziest of days! However despite saying that I did miss another three days this month, one thanks to an injury, one to work and the third due to a worrying case of drawers block, where I seemed to struggle to draw anything to a quality I would deem uploadable. But regardless of them three unfortunate days I do feel like I’ve had a really good month. Despite that one day of drawing amnesia I feel like almost all of the drawing I did this month has been of an improved standard to the norm, hopefully as an indication that this “lunch break challenge” is doing its job and helping to improve my illustration skills.

Unlike last month where I primarily looked at fur and mammalian form, this month did not have a set goal, but rather lots of weekly themed sketching bundles instead.

RatsSeptember Sketch 01 – Rats

While Septembers batch of drawings did not have an overriding theme, this study of two rats dose follow directly on from August’s theme of mammalian anatomy, where I tried to take what I had learnt from August and use on a series of rodent sketches. These two rats where the final in that series of sketches and by far my favourite of the bunch. While I am not overly proud of the close up of the rats face, I do quite like the full body piece as I feel this best reflects my new-found understanding of how to sketch fur and its form.

Birth Anatomy - PelicansSeptember Sketch 02 & 03 – Pelicans

These next two drawings (here merged into one) was from a week where I found myself obsessed with drawing Pelicans for no particular reason aside from the fact that I was getting bored of drawing furry mammals. What I like about these sketches is the simple application of colour, done here with some highlighter pens  I found stashed in a draw at work (with permission of course). This series of sketches was also a good refresh in practising how to draw birds in flight, one of the ultimate tasks I one day hope to master.

Anime Study - Fairy Tail CharactersSeptember Sketch 04 – Fairy Tail Characters

Finally during the final week of this month I decided to break away from the animal anatomy studies and instead start to look at improving my human anatomy understandings, in particular faces. However rather than rush straight into drawing realistic human faces, a subject I’ve never been particularly good at, I instead decided to give anime another crack. The anime I decided to look at for practice was my new favourite series Fairy Tail (Sorry Naruto you got trumped) and since I could not decide which one to pick for this blog post here’s my favourite four out of six (one got ruined when I attempted to colour it in… badly). One noticeable character above is Juvia who was the first female anime character I’ve ever attempted to draw.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.



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July – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Jul.31, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Phew, my first month of “lunch break” sketches is complete, even if they weren’t all strictly timed to be done at lunch, although atleast I did manage to hit my quota of drawing one every Monday to Friday. I really enjoyed doing these and is definitely something I shall continue to do over the coming months. July’s sketches where a real mixed bag, with no overall theme. Lots of animal anatomy studies, most focusing on a mix of farmyard animals and birds, in particular Ostrich’s and similarly structured species. In addition I broke these studies up with a bunch of fan art sketches as I continually try and learn to draw in an anime/manga style. Looking back over the last month there are lots of sketches I am extremely happy with, so here I thought I’d upload four of my favourites and my thoughts concerning them…

Eren Jaeger (Titan)July Sketch 01 – Eren Jaeger (Titan)

Starting off the second week of sketches was this, my first fan art piece of the challenge. This character study is of Eren Jaeger in his Titan shifter form, the main protagonist from the amazing anime series Attack on Titan (COME ON SEASON TWO!). While it may not be a perfect representation of the character, with a couple of scaling issues, what I do really like about it was that it was my first attempt at merging ballpoint pen linework with pencil shading. I personally think these two mediums work really well in conjunction, with the pen highlighting the form and shape against the subtle pencil shading, which can often become lost and overcomplicated when drawn entirely in pen.

Ostrich Leg StudiesJuly Sketch 02- Ostrich Leg Studies

This sketch was done as part of the randomly themed Ostrich and llama week, and as the name suggests it details sketches of Ostrich anatomy studies, focusing particularly on their legs and feet. I wanted to focus on the legs as it was an area I was struggling to get right in a previous days drawing, and if I could get the understandings correct here I could apply it to future creature designs and even Dinosaur sketches.

Cassowary's July Sketch 03 – Cassowary’s

I really like these Cassowary sketches as I was able to shade and colour them using nothing but basic office stationary; black, blue and red ballpoint pens, a pencil and a yellow highlighter. What I also liked was the realisation of how reptilian and Dinosaur like birds truly are, particularly when they have bald heads and bony crests like these. This sketch also sparked the inspiration for a brand new creature design, which I have begun work on.

Rare Breed SheepJuly Sketch 04 – Rare Breed Sheep

One of the very last sketches I did this month is one of my very favourites, some anatomy studies of sheep, particularly rare breeds of sheep. My aim for this piece was to get not only a better anatomy understanding of both sheep and ungulates in general, but also to focus on their wool and how it coats their bodies creating their form. I feel that this, along with the Cassowary’s above are my two strongest animal anatomy studies from July.

Looking ahead into August I’ll be concentrating on allot more animal anatomy studies as that is an area I really wish to improve upon. However I will also begin to look at the human form, both through real world observation and through the anime/manga drawing style.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.



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The Sketches Behind the Sketches:

by on Jul.31, 2010, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Here is a collection of some of my most recent study sketches, that where drawn primarily as background preparation for some of my newest creature designs including the Bone Calcibus. Others such as the tree frog illustration where done solely for fun and general study.

Anatomy studies – Human Teeth & ReptilesAnatomy Study – Swine Facial FeaturesAnatomy Study – Tree FrogAnatomy Study – Mammoth Skulls & TusksAnatomy Study – Sheep SkullAnimal Anatomy StudiesAnimal Anatomy Studies

This last image looks the facial structures of three distinctly different real world animals the Babirusa, Turkey Vulture and Lingcod, a mammal, a bird and a fish.


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Modern Mythology, Rise of the Plastic Age:

by on Jul.30, 2010, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

The Rubber Golem

The Rubber Golem is a mysterious modern elemental, that first appeared locked inside a shipping container full of the rubber ducks which make up the vast majority of form. Its origins and creation are entirely unknown, with many sometimes wild theories explaining as to how it got in the container to start with and from where it gained its lone space hopper head piece. The current leading theory is that this golem is in actuality just a renegade swarm of Calci, and that its proper definition should be the Rubber Calcibus. Since its first appearance the Rubber Golem has completely vanished, becoming nothing more than a modern myth, with only the occasional rubber duck left in an obscure location to remind the world of its presence.


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Corvid Cosmonauts:

by on Sep.28, 2009, under Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Sentients

Zear Zip & Zear TarkZear Zip (Left) & Zear Tark (Right)

The idea behind the piece was to design two different yet closely related sentient species, here shown in the form of the Zear Zip and Zear Tark, two not very sentient looking bird species, hence the necklace! I wanted their names to sound as if pronounced by the birds themselves, similar to how birds like the Chiffchaff or Cuckoo have Onomatopoeic names derived from the sounds they commonly make.

Tearah TorahZear Tark Roost on Tearah Torah

After drawing the Zears I started to think about how they may live and what their homeworld might look like. Focusing on the Zear Tark my concept was that they would live in large communal nests, similar to a bee hive or dove cote, built from the ground up with mud and sticks like a House Martins nest cup. This giant mud structure would then be used as a towering vertical city, which would dominate the surrounding savannah landscape. In contrast I would like to imagine that the Zear Zip would instead stick more to the forests and mountains, living in smaller tribal roost’s.


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Bugbird & Psychohare:

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

The two images below continued the new artistic style I have been playing with in recent designs, using a mixture of bold sharpening lines combined with realistic shading and detail. Here I also aimed to explore the importance of characterisation in my designs, and try explain my reasoning behind such choices.


The Mikoogrupp or “Bugbird”, was a fairly straight forward design, with the only real changes between its final form and its original designs being a removal of a second pair of smaller praying mantis style scythe arms, that I felt over complicated the design. I wanted the Mikoogrupp species to resemble a mangy humanoid alien fly, but characterise it with an unexpected cultured and sophisticated appearance, with subtle hints to a darker side and history in the form of its blood stained bone necklace.

Ruur - Jester AssassinRuur – Jester Assassin

While the physical appearance of the Ruur as horned lagomorph humanoids went reasonably unchanged throughout the design process, the species actual characterised appearance went through several design phases. From the start I had intended for the Ruur to be a former slave race with initial depictions resembling ancient Egyptian pyramid workers. Unhappy with this design it then shifted to become more of a oriental, armour clad bounty hunter, ignoring my original concept, before eventually shifting yet again to become this more whimsical grenade juggling jester. An oddball yet deadly assassin aimed at taking down his former masters, in the most explosive way possible.

Additionally both races where once slaves to the Valleeshan, but for two very different reasons, with the similarly insectoid Mikoogrupp employed as soldiers and canon fodder, while the Ruur where imprisoned as labours and miners.


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Wacky Waders:

by on Aug.14, 2009, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork

Taking a Kaiju break, I decided to revisit my unorthodox bird collection concept, where I would pick a real word UK bird species then attempt to use attributes from its anatomy to inspire a new creature design. The outcome from this attempt is the Black-backed Stilt…

Black-backed StiltsBlack-backed Stilts – Mother & Child

The Black-backed Stilt is a predatory, prominently fish eating beast influenced by the similarly named Black-winged stilt, a small real world wading bird and personally one of my favourite animals. Unfortunately I have yet to spot a wild one yet since its technically only a rare vagrant to the UK, so until then I just got my monster version to enjoy!


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Ancient Gods & Monster Seagulls:

by on Aug.13, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Prop & Technology Design, Robots & Cyborgs, Sentients

Continuing my self directed Kaiju project I have designed three further monster characters inspired by Japanese cinema. Like the Leeton, these three Kaiju where designed to look both realistic yet silly and to have an appearance of a man in a suit. I was heavily inspired by the notion of them being reflected as ancient gods.

Pharaoh Zorrtic Pharaoh Zorrtic

The giant cyborg Pharaoh Zorrtic is the ruler and protector of the Zorrtic people, a race of Anubis-esque humanoids.

King Tooby IIKing Tooby II

This giant and vastly powerful golem has the appearance of an animated stone statue, but is infact a highly advanced robot. The successor and “son” of the legendary King Tooby I, King Tobby II awaits on his “fathers” throne at the Grand Palace of Tooby on Umbequarn IV.

Gulmar MutantGulmar Mutant

 With large hollow sacks in their torso connected to their hands via tube-like flexible arms a Gulmar can act like monstrous vacuum cleaner, with both the ability suck objects into its body, then fire them back out again at extreme velocities. Standing at an already Frightful 7 foot a rare genetic deformity can sometimes double that turning your average Gulmar into a giant. Yet while its even rarer to get a Gulmar taller than that, dozens of ancient legends and myths tell of ones colossal enough to destroy a skyscraper.

Semi-Fun Fact: The name Gulmaris a cross between Gull and Fulmar, two seabirds that reflect its bird like head. It is also one of my favourite creature designs too date.


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Unorthodox Bird Collection:

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Prop & Technology Design, Sentients

These three alien humanoids all contain aspects inspired by birds, particularly those from UK (ok, admittedly I maybe a bit of a birder). While not necessarily being purely avian in design these creature do atleast incorporate a small intentional attribute of a bird, resulting in this hybrid collection, drawing on inspirations from not just one but multiple biological sources weather it be bird, reptile, mammal ect…

Nix MollyNix Molly

The Nix (molly being a female cat) is perhaps the most obvious as to where its avian influence came from, naturally being its large eagle-like wings. Its feline aspects however were drawn from the appearance of the mythological Sphinx.


As captioned in the image this whimsical looking humanoid was based on the game bird, the Black Grouse. Being styled on a game bird I wanted the Goomua, to appear stocky and reasonably dim-witted and unintelligent. The result is a creature and potential character I am rather fond of and would one day like to return to and expand upon.

Thral HoverboarderThral Hoverboarder

While clearly based on a chameleon its not directly obvious where its bird attributes may derive. While the Goomua above was more of a characterised version of its chosen bird the Thral instead shows it as a subtle hint in the form of its chest and crest patterning. This patterning was inspired by the equally subtle speckling on the plumage of the Spotted-flycatcher a bird I felt was rather fitting for a chameleon based creature. The Thrals depiction as a hoverboarder was just for fun however.


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