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Citizens of the Space Age – Part 01:

by on Aug.12, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

This is a collection of “everyday aliens”. Aimed at portraying these galactic citizens of the space age during their ordinary working lives. Additionally these illustrations were not only done to show yet more alien designs, but were also drawn to experiment with some costume design.


Known as a race of financial connoisseurs thanks to their natural skills in banking and commerce, their homeworld Deiluna is famous for its high taxation on almost everything.


Often viewed as slow and dimwitted the Oochereem would instead pride themselves on being patience and practical. They are a long lived amphibious race known for walking along ocean and river beds as opposed to swimming, which they can happily do. They appear to be filler feeders however their membrane and armoured covered mouth instead protects their soft gums from blood sucking parasites.

NorileenNorileen Female

Typically technologically advanced and highly civilised alien races are depicted as humanoids, hinting at a convergent evolution with ourselves. However on earth outside of the primates some of the most intelligent animals haul from the oceans. So with that in mind I set about designing the Norileen, a sentient pinniped and a major galactic power, whether it be via war lead by the males or through diplomacy via the more dominant yet smaller females.


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With A Sour Face I Bid Thy Welcome:

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients, Site News

Hello and welcome to FiddzyDesign, my name is Thomas Fiddimore, although people just call me Fiddzy, and I am a Graphic Design New Media graduate with a bubbling passion for concept artwork. This Blog will serve as an up-to-date feed for the development of my own personal concept artwork portfolio, showcasing my newest work. For more information and facts about me and my blog then please check out the aptly named About Me… section.

So, lets begin with these two alien oddities showcasing some of my more bizarre sources of inspiration, a lemon and a television detective. Like many of these early post’s they pre-date the creation of this blog, with these two particular examples being among the earliest drawn from my uploaded collection. Illustrated in an old A5 sketchbook then scanned into Photoshop these early posts are also among some of my very first attempts at digital painting.

CyrtmunyCyrtmuny “Lemon Face”

As this aliens nickname suggests the Cyrtmuny’s head was inspired by a quarter slice of lemon. As for the creature itself I wished for the Cyrtmuny to appear intellectual, with the white collar suggesting this one is perhaps a doctor or scientist.

Hippolumbo Hippolumbo

This scruffy looking alien with traditional green skin and an untraditional equine face was inspired by a blend of Spiderman’s nemesis Dr. Octopus and the legendary television detective Columbo, combined with some older sketches of mine depicting a similar horse headed humanoid.

 I hope you enjoy my work and a double thumbs up thanks for visiting.

“Concept Art Powers ACTIVATE!!!”



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