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November – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Nov.30, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

November was a change of pace month. After spending the first four months of this challenge drawing primarily animal studies, and after coming out of October which contained quite a few sketches I’d sooner forget, I decided that I’ll spend a month away from the wildlife and instead concentrate on a bit of self indulgence sketching of some of my favourite fictional characters. Like normal I’ve included allot more than my top four, however two of these where drawn specifically to be included within the sets they are shown in below.

Naruto Shippuden - Team 8November Sketch 01 – Team 8

Following on directly from where I left off in October, my first batch of sketches once again looked the Naruto Team 8 characters of Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyūga (who I left out last time due to her drawing having far too many mistakes). However this time I’ve attempted to draw their older Shippuden portrayals and am personally really pleased with the results, considering them my best Anime/Manga drawings to date. However I still feel that Hinata is the weakest of the three and as such I will be focusing on learning to accurately draw female characters allot more in the future, as for me drawing woman is a far greater challenge than drawing men for some reason.

GrootNovember Sketch 02 – Groot

(Here comes some ego rubbing) While it may not be 100% perfect I will admit that I am very proud of this Groot speed sketch. I absolutely love this character and his design and sketching him here was an absolute pleasure. This image also holds a special place because not only did it kick start this months trend of adding in small splashes of colour into each sketch but It also managed to smash (and still maintain at the time of posting) my Instagram “Like” record, a record coincidently held by my raccoon studies from way back in August. However it was not all smiles and sparkly pollen, I did attempt to post this sketch along with a drawing of baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon, however both sketches encountered issues giving me a firm reminder that there’s still lots to learn and ways to improve.

Godzilla'sNovember Sketch 03 – Godzilla’s

My final themed drawing set of the month was of these three Godzilla sketches, with each Godzilla representing one of his designs from the original three film era’s the Showa, Heisei and Millennium era’s. They where not intended to be colour studies, as such the little hints of colour where just their to help make them standout and have a bit more life in them. I quite enjoyed drawing these three as it allowed me to continue my character month theme whilst also incorporating a touch of animal/beast.

Red PandaNovember Sketch 04 – Red Panda

Speaking of animals this final sketch of a red panda was my only non fictional character illustration of the month and actually one of my all time favourites. Done as a bonus experimental piece one weekend this panda, drawn with ball point pens and office highlighters, is one of my first true colour studies done as part of this Lunch Break challenge and is another piece I really enjoyed drawing. It has also set the standard for next month where I once again intend to primarily look at animal anatomy studies.

To stay up-to-date will all daily sketches and project progression please follow FiddzyDesign via the links below.


Thank you.



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Your Going to Need More Than Just Salt – Lancer Snails:

by on Sep.14, 2013, under Beasts, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Having spent the vast majority of the summer months outside in the garden my fascination with the natural world flourished, particularly the creepy crawly world of the invertebrates. When I therefore found out that many species of land snail produce harpoon like spikes (called gypsobelum) that they fire into one another during copulation it sparked an idea I had to draw, the Lancer Snails. I also set myself two goals when designing this piece, firstly I wanted them to feel like monsters you could run across in a computer or role playing game, and secondary I wanted to show two closely related species together, something I have not done since the Zear birds.

Lancer SnailsLancer Snails – Patriot Driller & King Lancer

With no relation to true snails the so called Lancer Snails where named by the human colonises of the planet Fable. So named due to their similar appearance to the humble mollusc, however ascetics aside the Lancer Snails have very little else in common with their Earth namesake. The two most striking features of the Lancer Snails our their long tusk like spikes and their domed shelled back, with the later being the dividing feature between the two major families of the group, the fused shells and the plated shells. The fused shells, to which the King lancer belongs, are the older of the two groups, they are typically larger in size and sport two lances with limited movement. The plated shells, to which the Patriot Driller belongs, are typically smaller and often sport a single more specialised lance that is often more moveable and even rotary, their shells are also divided into three segments with one enlarged plate often acting as a reasonably adjustable shield as seen in the Patriot Driller. Both groups are herbivorous and typically always found in marshland habitats and along rivers. They are regarded as being extremely dangerous, particularly in the breeding seasons where the larger bulls defend their territories and females. The lances in both groups are fundamentally used in defence and combat, but can also aid in foraging such as breaking up soil to expose roots. Lancer Snails of all kinds are too aggressive to be fully domesticated, however the natives of Fable do occasionally hunt them for their shells, lances and fat reserves. They are not often eaten due to their distastefulness, particularly to human taste buds. It is said that if you ever encounter an elderly Lancer Snail without any battle scars you will gain great wisdom.

Lancer Snails - StagesLancer Snails Development Stages

In addition to the final piece I thought I’d upload the above sheet showing the five main stages that one of my drawings typically goes through. This is something I have been attempting to portray on Twitter and am planning on continuing with greater depth in the future. Although work is going to be demanding over the next few weeks I shall endeavour to start my next project as soon as possible.



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Animal, Mineral, Vegetable?

by on May.17, 2011, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

This whimsical pot clad creation came from a simple sketch drawn while thinking up new idea’s for future Calci golem designs (Bone, rubber, stone), and my own personal interest in the biology of the Portuguese man o’ war, a colonial organism made up of not one individual species, but several, known as zooids. It was this idea of a symbiotic relationship among two distinct species, as well as a species relationship with an external non-organic structure, as seen in my Calci golem designs, which lead to this alien oddity, the Klingting.

Terracotta Klingting

The Klingting is not one, but two drastically different species living in a symbiotic relationship that together form a single colonial organism. The two creatures that make up an individual Klingting are, the Kling, a bulbous fish like animal with two arm-like eye stalks, and the Ting, a green gelatinous slime mold decedent.

Both species survive together in a perfect state of mutualism. The Kling provides all the benefits of a complex organism, such as, sight, the ability to communicate and in the case of the Kling, sentience, all of which is shared through a neural bond between the two. It also provides the Ting with food in the form of its waste and a special sugar it excretes. The Ting in turn provides the Kling with a liquidity home, a means of terrestrial mobility, a boosted immune system and further protection from its ability to form inorganic shells. If separated both will eventually die, although the Kling can sometimes survive if it finds a body of suitable water.

The Klingting communicate with each other by drumming on their inorganic shells, hence their onomatopoetic name Klingting.


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The Sketches Behind the Sketches:

by on Jul.31, 2010, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Here is a collection of some of my most recent study sketches, that where drawn primarily as background preparation for some of my newest creature designs including the Bone Calcibus. Others such as the tree frog illustration where done solely for fun and general study.

Anatomy studies – Human Teeth & ReptilesAnatomy Study – Swine Facial FeaturesAnatomy Study – Tree FrogAnatomy Study – Mammoth Skulls & TusksAnatomy Study – Sheep SkullAnimal Anatomy StudiesAnimal Anatomy Studies

This last image looks the facial structures of three distinctly different real world animals the Babirusa, Turkey Vulture and Lingcod, a mammal, a bird and a fish.


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Hydrokinetic Mutant Sea Anemone:

by on Mar.28, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes

Here is my newest C.O.W entry, The Neptune’s Spire, a colossal mutant sea anemone. Designed for the C.O.W #171 – Giant Amphibious War Beast contest,  aimed at creating monstrous behemoths recruited by humans as fresh water lake guardians in the year 4010, after server climate change left the Earth covered almost entirely in water until the oceans receded and fresh water became the new oil.

Neptune’s Spire

Towering into the sky like the skyscraper’s from the years before the great melt, a Neptune’s Spire in its watery home is a wondrous spectacle to behold, however it is also an extremely dangerous one. With powerful hydrokinesis abilities these highly evolved  sea anemone can control the very water they stand in, creating devastating whirlpools, tidal waves, columns of water and even vast storm systems by manipulating the moisture in the air around them.

Many human clans have tried to domesticate them however gaining the trust of a wild Neptune’s Spire is an almost impossible task, instead having to be raised and trained from birth to their battle ready maturity, a process that takes almost 200 years, and even then its loyalty is not always guaranteed. Although when successful, these amphibious cnidarians make the ultimate lake guardians, able to annihilate entire armies with the precocious resource they are trying to claim for themselves, fresh water.


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Pixelated Blobs:

by on Jan.29, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Sentients, Studies & Sketches

These two creature designs are an extension to shark influenced Drakes drawn previously, only this time (as alluded too) I gained my initial inspiration from the utterly bizarre looking Australian deep-sea fish, the Blobfish, particularly the Blob Sculpin species. Although unlike the shark designs which focused primarily on linework and structure, these alien influenced blobfish where drawn specifically for my development in colour application, using a more defined brush to help minimise the blurring of shades and instead define greater contrast, form and tonal details.


Along with the Drakes the Blobmander hailed from the predominately watery world of Lake Infinity. Although whereas the Drakes typically stuck to the wide open planetary ocean, the Blobmander was a coastal species, found in and around the rockpools of Lake Infinity’s extremely few tropical volcanic islands, some of the only true dry land on the planet. Here offworlder pirates considered their land laid eggs to be such a delicacy that they inadvertently ate them to extinction.

The colour application for the Blobmander is similar to how I normally work, only using a more defined and sharper brush, with an additional emphasis on layering. The creature itself is a cross between the blob sculpin and a Chinese giant salamander, two creatures both sadly facing extinction in the real world.

Opinnanite CaveCave of the Opinnanite

Moving away from the oceans of Lake Infinity to the dark labyrinth caverns of  Phrictuz VII, home-satellite of the primitive cave dwelling Opinnanite. Drawn as a purely digital render, unlike the Blobmander above, allowed me to concentrate on building form with colour rather than with linework. Overall while not perfect I felt it was a good step forward in the right direction, with this design also allowing me to experiment with depth of field, here using a series of 2D layers in a similar fashion as to how I use to build depth in Flash animation. While not designed to be an aquatic species the facial structure of the Opinnanite was based on the illusive blobfish.


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Alien Waters full of Alien Sharks:

by on Jan.18, 2010, under Beasts, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Continuing with my project of studying both human and animal anatomies, I have started to look at the apex predators of the sea, sharks! Particularly focusing on the hammerhead shark, which is undoubtedly one of the best looking things in the sea, aside from the blobfish that is (but we’ll come to that later, hint hint). However rather than just copy some direct anatomy studies, I decided to mix both study and imagination together creating the Drakes… (No not male ducks)

X-faced DrakeX-faced Drake / Double Hammerhead Drake

Greeneyed DrakeGreeneyed Drake

Arbiter DrakeArbiter Drake

Semi-Fun Fact: The design of the Arbiter Shark was inspired by a combination of the facial structure of the Elite species from the Halo franchise, as the name might allude, and the jawbone of a sheep.


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Back to Basics:

by on Dec.10, 2009, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Recently I have decided it would be very beneficial to take a short break from producing new character and creature designs and instead take some time to reinforce and strengthen my drawing skills by going back to basics and working over the winter on some anatomy studies. The Images below are some of these rough sketches, focusing particularly on skeletal structures.

Alien HandsFour Digit Alien Hand – Anatomy StudyHuman Rib Cage & Hand Bones Human Skeletal Studies – Rib Cage & Hand BonesHuman Skulls & Leg Bone Human Skeletal Studies – Skull & Leg BoneHuman Leg Bone Study Human Skeletal Study – Leg BoneTyrannosaurus Rex Skull & Anatomy Tyrannosaurus Rex – Skull & Anatomy StudiesLime Moray Eel Head Moray Eel – Facial Anatomy Study

I find that doing these kinds of studies to be extremely beneficial, allowing me to flex my drawing muscles and  develop as an artist. Over the next few weeks I shall continue to do more of these studies and begin to incorporate them into new designs.


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Citizens of the Space Age – Part 01:

by on Aug.12, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

This is a collection of “everyday aliens”. Aimed at portraying these galactic citizens of the space age during their ordinary working lives. Additionally these illustrations were not only done to show yet more alien designs, but were also drawn to experiment with some costume design.


Known as a race of financial connoisseurs thanks to their natural skills in banking and commerce, their homeworld Deiluna is famous for its high taxation on almost everything.


Often viewed as slow and dimwitted the Oochereem would instead pride themselves on being patience and practical. They are a long lived amphibious race known for walking along ocean and river beds as opposed to swimming, which they can happily do. They appear to be filler feeders however their membrane and armoured covered mouth instead protects their soft gums from blood sucking parasites.

NorileenNorileen Female

Typically technologically advanced and highly civilised alien races are depicted as humanoids, hinting at a convergent evolution with ourselves. However on earth outside of the primates some of the most intelligent animals haul from the oceans. So with that in mind I set about designing the Norileen, a sentient pinniped and a major galactic power, whether it be via war lead by the males or through diplomacy via the more dominant yet smaller females.


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