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"Rawr"Who Am I?

Name: Thomas Fiddimore

Alias: Fiddzy

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Location: London, UK

Qualification: BA Hons in Graphic Design New Media


Throughout my life, from my youngest memories to the present day four subjects have remained of constant interest; the natural world, drawing, storytelling and… computer games. Even as a child when not playing Sonic the Hedgehog I remember spending countless hours designing magical creatures and bizarre space monsters, giving them names and stories, filling folder after folder with pencils worth of sketches. Jump forward over two decades and I still can’t give it up. While it may sometimes feel like its tied tightly to the back seat of adult life and the occasional reappearance of that legendary blue hedgehog, my love and joy for illustration and storytelling still has a strong presence in my life. Stronger than ever I find myself inspired by the diverse natural world and the hundreds of talented individuals working within the creative fields of art and design today, particularly those within my personal favourite of fields, concept artists.

What is FiddzyDesign?

FiddzyDesign is my escapism blog, a small fragment of the internet where I can upload and share my artwork and fiction. Originally created to house my Flash based university projects and portfolio pieces, today it has evolved into a more personal space as I develop and build upon my digital illustration skills. Documenting my designs and their inspirational roots, as well as providing insights into the fictitious lives and histories I can’t help but give them. It is my hope that others can draw inspiration from my work, as I have from others, and use it to create their own little universes.

How do I work?

For years I was more into the traditional side of art, with a pad of paper, a pack of pencils and the occasional oil pastel. However these days my primary for of illustration is digital based, but with a traditional twist. The first stage is the “scribbling” phase, where any old scrap of paper becomes under attack by the nearest Biro as I attempt to capture and refine the design of my newest concept. The second stage is sometimes the most critical as this is where I actually draw the piece, still preferring the “old fashioned” pencil (3H is my preference) and paper, sketching it out as a line drawing focusing purely on its structure and form. The third and final stage sees my line drawing scanned into Photoshop where any rough lines are cleaned up and the colour, tone and textures are digitally painted in. Its throughout these three stages that the objects backstory is typically developed, becoming lost in my thoughts asking myself questions like… “Is it a predator or prey?”, “What’s its culture like? How would it dress?”, “Why has it got an eye on the tip of its tail?”, “Could a cloud really grow a moustache?”. For me this is often the most important important aspect of any design as it helps create a life beyond the static image and helps forge a much deeper understanding as to what the represented image is all about. Through this background knowledge a web of interconnecting stories can be created linking creatures and characters together in a shared universe I have come to label a Universe 77…

What is Universe 77?

While my designs may not be exclusive to a pre-set set of rules and mythology that they must all fall in line with, what I do quite like to do is link designs to one another, through a common fictional backstory that while not necessarily directly related to one another dose link them together into a much wide shared universe. For me this shared universe has become known as Universe 77, a fictional variation of your own Milkyway galaxy, set within the confines of an alternative universe to our own, thus allowing for a far greater creative licence, and the chance to tweak history to match the creatures and characters that reside within it. Therefore anything labelled on my site with the tag “Universe 77” falls into this collective mythology. Additionally what’s brilliant about the multiverse concept is that if a design is to weird even for number 77, it can always find a home in another one of the infinite numbers to choose from, thus even allowing variations on the same design to co-exist. For me this is a fantastic tool to use as a means of creative thinking, that really helps drives new concepts and ideas.

As to Why 77? Well simply put its because I thought it sounded cool, although originally wanted Universe 67 but it sounded to similar to a font, so 77 it was!

How Can You Contact Me?

If you would like to contact me please use one of the following options below or subscribe to my site and leave me a comment.

I would love to hear your feedback about my work (good or bad) and any suggestions you may have for the site. If you have any questions regarding my work whether it be further explanations as to how they are produced or even further insist regarding the backstories of my designs, then I would be happy to answer them. In addition I am open for the possibility of work. However please bare in mind that I am not necessarily what you would call a professional concept artist (atleast not yet). Please also bare in mind that I only check my email on a weekly basis.





I thank you for checking out my blog and hope you visit again soon.


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