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The One Hour Lunch Break Drawing Challenge:

by on Jun.29, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Site News, Studies & Sketches

Greetings, Since designing the Snow Calcibus and explaining upon the Calcibus mythologies this site has regrettably remained update free over the past three months. However this lack of original content has partly been due to an expansion in my use of Twitter as a means of image sharing. During this three month lull, I have been using my time to focus on improving my basic drawing skills as well as continue to develop upon my sideline writing project. In this time I have been primarily focusing on mastering the anatomies of the many animals that I have always seemed to struggle at drawing (looking at you the ungulates) and its my goal to continue to develop these skills until I can get them embedded within my drawing memory. In addition I have also been attempting to accurately draw Anime characters (exclusively Naruto at the moment) as a starting point to help develop my human anatomy understandings, particularly faces and characterisation. Twitter has become a great easy access tool for sharing these sketches, especially as most of them have occurred during my lunch breaks at work.

To help further my development I have decided to turn these random sketch hours into a consistent trend. So starting from tomorrow I am beginning my “One Hour Lunch Break Challenge”, in which every week day (where possible) it is my aim to put aside an hour and use it to sketch (I say at lunch but doubt it always will be). At first I will continue to hone my anatomy skills, on top of some occasional fan art, before I once again begin developing genuine new content (still got a back catalogue of concepts building up).

Below is an example of one of my most recent lunch break sketches. Unlike the normal pencil sketches that I upload onto this blog, these have both been drawn in Biro, my preferred speed-sketching medium. What I like about using pen over pencil in these situations is that when I make a mistake (which admittedly is rather common, hence all the practising) I have to roll with it, further highlighting the problem in the finished sketch and pushing myself to avoid the same issue with the next attempt.

Wild Boar - Anatomy Studies Wild Boars – Anatomy Studies

So Please join me on Twitter and Instagram for daily updates of my newest drawing project. Plus stay tuned on this Blog for future updates over the upcoming summer months.


Thank you,



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Getting Social – Three Tools, One Post:

by on Dec.17, 2013, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Site News

And so FiddzyDesign takes another step forward deeper into the blogosphere, with an all new account for FiddzyDesign over on Instagram. Now (if you desire) you can follow my thoughts, ramblings and more importantly artwork progression in far more detail thanks to these connected services. It is through these applications that you can gather far greater insight into how I work and what new concepts both visual and literate are currently being developed upon. These are also the places where I document from where I get my ideas and the artwork, stories, flora and fauna that both fascinate and inspire me. Finally it is also the best place to contact me with any questions you may have or share your thoughts. So please feel free to follow me at the links below.




Thank you,

Thomas “Fiddzy” of FiddzyDesign



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Laying Down the Bread Crumbs:

by on Apr.28, 2013, under Site News

As I begin my newest foul looking creature design, the shuffling Suwauuz, I have also began to further enhance my online presence by expanding the roll Twitter has to play in conjunction with this my main blog. Now alongside notifying followers about new blog posts and recycling old posts from the archives I have begun to use the social media giant as a tool to track the development of my designs and thought processes I have throughout. So if you are interested in reading about how I work and where I get my inspiration from please follow my Twitter feed and feel free to ask any questions you my have. Sadly my day job can often halt the progress I would often like to make, but I am endeavouring to spend far more time on this very special and personal hobby of mine, a hobby I would encourage everyone to take up.

Thank you




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Alt, Ctrl, COMPLETE!

by on Nov.15, 2012, under Site News

Phew! *Collapses into chair* What an overhaul, an overhaul that I can now happily say is complete, and has really freshened up my site. So what’s new I hear you scream?

  • A new more contemporary theme that has really helped tidy up the sites appearance and is also phone compatible.
  • The “About Me” and “Contact Me” pages have been combined into a single page, with a complete and far more in-depth rewrite of what FiddzyDesign is and how I work.
  • All tags have been reworked and reassigned, with a wealth of new options included to ensure a far more in-depth filtering system.
  • All posts prior to the upgrade have been reworked and tided. Several have been restructured and others combined to ensure a more fluid flow with minimal clutter. While a couple of images have been removed because of this, one previously missed out creature design has been included, the gelatinous Jelloop.
  • Almost all designs have gained a greater wealth of insight into both their creation and their fictional backstories, particularly within the older posts that originally lacked any explanation. Some of the strongest examples of this include the Valleeshan, Psittacodu & Jeepeg, Mikoogrupp & Ruur and the Puppet Master.
  • All of my older images have been remastered and re-uploaded, with newer load friendly file sizes and scales, sharpened appearances and for some images mild ascetic touches, helping to breath new life into the more dated pieces such as the “The Abominable Leech” and Poala.
  • A new fictional backdrop called ‘Universe 77’, used to help unite and further evolve the characters and creatures I am designing. Giving them a single title and mythology to connect with, linking them together within the same narrative.
  • All new social networking support, including a dedicated Twitter account. So please don’t forget to follow me @FiddzyDesign.

Now lets get on with the show…

FiddzyDesign, The infinite designs of an infinite universe.



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Downgrading For The Upgrade:

by on Sep.27, 2012, under Site News

While my head is consumed by ideas and my sketchbook overflows with unfinished designs and fragmented concepts, its about time I consider and partake in general site maintenance and restructuring, thanks in part to the realisations of many of my blogging noobisms.

  • Image re-sizing on many of my ancient drawing relics, re-uploading them to become more viewer and loader friendly.
  • Improved categorisation, tagging and planned themed grouping. Several designs fall into signal conceptual universe (or universes), a personal fiction which I am planning to distinguish and build upon.
  • Merger’s of some old posts and more in-depth connects between the existing.
  • A bit of rewriting and editing, giving some of the aforementioned relics some deeper design insights and fictional backstories.
  • A visual makeover won’t hopefully be frowned upon either.
  • Add Twitter connectivity.
  • Oh and most importantly new work. (Lets hope this revamp will inspire the transformation of memories and scribbles into graphite an pixels.)

Ok! Focus Fiddzy, lets focus…… after a good nights sleep that is ;D



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150 Million Kilometers Later…

by on Aug.11, 2010, under Site News

^ Sorry mile fans

Happy Birthday FiddzyDesign Blog, as you are now one whole year old today since your first glorious post. Sadly however while there’s no new work to post today on this annual celebration, a new cycle of work is just around the corner.

Looking back at my work from the last year I fill that I have improved significantly, gaining a much greater insight into digital rendering and drawing as a whole, however there’s still much to learn and always things to improve upon and relearn. So, back to the sketchbook for another year… BEGIN!




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With A Sour Face I Bid Thy Welcome:

by on Aug.11, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients, Site News

Hello and welcome to FiddzyDesign, my name is Thomas Fiddimore, although people just call me Fiddzy, and I am a Graphic Design New Media graduate with a bubbling passion for concept artwork. This Blog will serve as an up-to-date feed for the development of my own personal concept artwork portfolio, showcasing my newest work. For more information and facts about me and my blog then please check out the aptly named About Me… section.

So, lets begin with these two alien oddities showcasing some of my more bizarre sources of inspiration, a lemon and a television detective. Like many of these early post’s they pre-date the creation of this blog, with these two particular examples being among the earliest drawn from my uploaded collection. Illustrated in an old A5 sketchbook then scanned into Photoshop these early posts are also among some of my very first attempts at digital painting.

CyrtmunyCyrtmuny “Lemon Face”

As this aliens nickname suggests the Cyrtmuny’s head was inspired by a quarter slice of lemon. As for the creature itself I wished for the Cyrtmuny to appear intellectual, with the white collar suggesting this one is perhaps a doctor or scientist.

Hippolumbo Hippolumbo

This scruffy looking alien with traditional green skin and an untraditional equine face was inspired by a blend of Spiderman’s nemesis Dr. Octopus and the legendary television detective Columbo, combined with some older sketches of mine depicting a similar horse headed humanoid.

 I hope you enjoy my work and a double thumbs up thanks for visiting.

“Concept Art Powers ACTIVATE!!!”



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