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Animal, Mineral, Vegetable?

by on May.17, 2011, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

This whimsical pot clad creation came from a simple sketch drawn while thinking up new idea’s for future Calci golem designs (Bone, rubber, stone), and my own personal interest in the biology of the Portuguese man o’ war, a colonial organism made up of not one individual species, but several, known as zooids. It was this idea of a symbiotic relationship among two distinct species, as well as a species relationship with an external non-organic structure, as seen in my Calci golem designs, which lead to this alien oddity, the Klingting.

Terracotta Klingting

The Klingting is not one, but two drastically different species living in a symbiotic relationship that together form a single colonial organism. The two creatures that make up an individual Klingting are, the Kling, a bulbous fish like animal with two arm-like eye stalks, and the Ting, a green gelatinous slime mold decedent.

Both species survive together in a perfect state of mutualism. The Kling provides all the benefits of a complex organism, such as, sight, the ability to communicate and in the case of the Kling, sentience, all of which is shared through a neural bond between the two. It also provides the Ting with food in the form of its waste and a special sugar it excretes. The Ting in turn provides the Kling with a liquidity home, a means of terrestrial mobility, a boosted immune system and further protection from its ability to form inorganic shells. If separated both will eventually die, although the Kling can sometimes survive if it finds a body of suitable water.

The Klingting communicate with each other by drumming on their inorganic shells, hence their onomatopoetic name Klingting.


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Hells Toy Shop:

by on Nov.08, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Sentients

This new demonic creature design is the third consecutive experimental piece created entirely as a digital render, following on from the Nuu Nulip.

Puppet Master - "Pony"Puppet Master – “Pony”

Puppet Masters interact with our world through a stitched together leathery husk known as a Flesh Teddy. It is said that they roam the stars, within the very fabric of space, searching for ill-fated ships to both scare and demoralise the crew with its often deadly practical jokes. It’s believed that these “jokes” are used to hypnotize the crew into childish dreams, luring them into its own twisted dimension, known as “The Dark Playground”. Once trapped the victim’s souls are believed to be converted into new Puppet Masters, while their reanimated bodies become the mangled Flesh Teddies in-which they reside… Or so the myths say.


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Bugbird & Psychohare:

by on Sep.22, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

The two images below continued the new artistic style I have been playing with in recent designs, using a mixture of bold sharpening lines combined with realistic shading and detail. Here I also aimed to explore the importance of characterisation in my designs, and try explain my reasoning behind such choices.


The Mikoogrupp or “Bugbird”, was a fairly straight forward design, with the only real changes between its final form and its original designs being a removal of a second pair of smaller praying mantis style scythe arms, that I felt over complicated the design. I wanted the Mikoogrupp species to resemble a mangy humanoid alien fly, but characterise it with an unexpected cultured and sophisticated appearance, with subtle hints to a darker side and history in the form of its blood stained bone necklace.

Ruur - Jester AssassinRuur – Jester Assassin

While the physical appearance of the Ruur as horned lagomorph humanoids went reasonably unchanged throughout the design process, the species actual characterised appearance went through several design phases. From the start I had intended for the Ruur to be a former slave race with initial depictions resembling ancient Egyptian pyramid workers. Unhappy with this design it then shifted to become more of a oriental, armour clad bounty hunter, ignoring my original concept, before eventually shifting yet again to become this more whimsical grenade juggling jester. An oddball yet deadly assassin aimed at taking down his former masters, in the most explosive way possible.

Additionally both races where once slaves to the Valleeshan, but for two very different reasons, with the similarly insectoid Mikoogrupp employed as soldiers and canon fodder, while the Ruur where imprisoned as labours and miners.


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The Poala of Prema Zan:

by on Sep.14, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Prop & Technology Design, Robots & Cyborgs, Sentients

Poala SentinelA Poala sentinel riding its Quadclaw Walker

Designed to be a truly alien race the Poalaare a species of sentient telepathic crystalline lifeforms. Able to create organic nano robots fully under their control. The Poala use this natural asset to build their technology and expand their telepathic powers for which they use to communicate, with both organics and machines. Naturally slow moving at inches a day, they further use their mental powers to control their technology in combination with their nano’s, utilising special robotic walkers known as Quadclaw Walkers to traverse vast distances at speeds considered the norm by most other species. While they have complete mastery over computers an extremely rare few can use their powers on organics, luckily the most an average Poala can accomplish is to read peoples minds, but only with considerable concentration.

Prema ZanThe Poala on Prema Zan

In addition to designing the PoalaI also wanted to design their homeworld, Prema Zan, a rocky world exposed to the vacuum of space, portraying another trait the Poala possess. Inspired by the new concept of dwarf planets (Plutoids), I decided to base the design of Prema Zan on the real world dwarf planet Ceres, a dwarf planet found in our solar systems asteroid belt. Stylistically I took a slightly more cartoony approach with these artworks.


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Parrot Beak & Dragon Ferret:

by on Sep.04, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

Originally designed completely separate from one another, the more I worked on these alien dinosaurs the more I wanted to see the two together. Eventually merging their backstories not just as two separate species but also the individual characters themselves.

"P" the PsittacoduPentorrinexu “P” Vandango the Psittacodu

Able to move as both a quadruped when walking and a biped when running, the dinosaur like Psittacodu stand just above the hips on a standard human. They are logical and bold in numbers, but not necessarily adventurous and often timid if alone. They are long lived with close but small families, with children often born one at a time. The females sported pink plumage and lacked the horns and tail spikes. The Psittacodu where already an advanced and accomplished race long before first contact with the Jeepeg, with a large space navy, consisting of slow and defensive carriers and destroyers.

Semi-Fun Fact: The Psittacodu’s appearance is based on a genus of parrot beaked Dinosaurs known as Psittacosaurus.

Flex the Jeepeg Flex Brotchsteen the Jeepeg

While the Jeepeg may only stand at just over a foot tall, what they lack in appearance they made up for in character. Born in big litters of up to 6 or more the Jeepeg had large but not very close families, with a typical Jeepeg being self driven, adventures, energetic, self and often overly confident. The males wattles and head spikes varied among individuals, and are completely absent in the females, bar two much shorter and rounded head spikes. The Jeepeg space navy is famed for its fast and manoeuvrable corvettes and fighter interceptors.

Semi-Fun Fact: The Jeepeg’s design came from mixing elements from both an eastern world dragon and a ferret. Its name, Jeepeg, is a pun on the file format, JPEG.

Its these differences that have formed the long withstanding alliance between the two races, particularly in their combined military from which their political alliance was first formed. An example of this collaboration is the “ship for hire” (known galactically as shippers) duo Pentorrinexu “P” Vandango and Flex Brotchsteen. True to their species stereotypes “P” is the brains and logic, while Flex is the mouth and motivator, whether it be for a simple ferry service or a dangerous smuggling job.


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An Alien Perspective:

by on Aug.27, 2009, under Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients


The idea behind the Ozznobat was to design an alien that relied on its other senses rather than sight. Instead the Ozznobat “see” the world using advanced senses of touch, hearing and especially smell, as well as having a built in form of natural radar. I wanted this to also be reflected in its culture, with their clothing being designed around empathizing texture rather than appearance, with the shoulders being a critical area. I decided to give it dark red skin like many deep sea creatures, which apparently helps to hide them in the darkness.


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Extrauniversal Tourism:

by on Aug.24, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients


The Nimm was designed to be a lifeform that can naturally travel between universes. Able to exist as both non-corporeal energy and as a corporeal humanoid, the artwork above shows the Nimm in a transition state between forms. The Nimm are generally considered a mythological race since an encounter with on is extremely rare. It is unknown from which universe or universes the Nimm originate, however it is known that they are not indigenous to ours. The few scholars that actually attempt to study them believe that the Nimm may have actually lost their original home universe long ago.



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Ancient Gods & Monster Seagulls:

by on Aug.13, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Prop & Technology Design, Robots & Cyborgs, Sentients

Continuing my self directed Kaiju project I have designed three further monster characters inspired by Japanese cinema. Like the Leeton, these three Kaiju where designed to look both realistic yet silly and to have an appearance of a man in a suit. I was heavily inspired by the notion of them being reflected as ancient gods.

Pharaoh Zorrtic Pharaoh Zorrtic

The giant cyborg Pharaoh Zorrtic is the ruler and protector of the Zorrtic people, a race of Anubis-esque humanoids.

King Tooby IIKing Tooby II

This giant and vastly powerful golem has the appearance of an animated stone statue, but is infact a highly advanced robot. The successor and “son” of the legendary King Tooby I, King Tobby II awaits on his “fathers” throne at the Grand Palace of Tooby on Umbequarn IV.

Gulmar MutantGulmar Mutant

 With large hollow sacks in their torso connected to their hands via tube-like flexible arms a Gulmar can act like monstrous vacuum cleaner, with both the ability suck objects into its body, then fire them back out again at extreme velocities. Standing at an already Frightful 7 foot a rare genetic deformity can sometimes double that turning your average Gulmar into a giant. Yet while its even rarer to get a Gulmar taller than that, dozens of ancient legends and myths tell of ones colossal enough to destroy a skyscraper.

Semi-Fun Fact: The name Gulmaris a cross between Gull and Fulmar, two seabirds that reflect its bird like head. It is also one of my favourite creature designs too date.


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Kaiju Awaken – Attack of the Leeton:

by on Aug.13, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Environmental Designs, Fiddzy's Artwork, Landscapes, Sentients

Giant LeetonGiant Leeton

This is the first character piece from my new self directed Kaiju design project. This portfolio project resolves around the design of my own Kaiju, a Japanese’s word meaning “strange beast” or “monster”, a word often associated with the Japanese giant monster movie series such as Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera & Ultraman, the inspiration for this protect. My aim is to create several of these kaiju characters, designed to look realistic yet still quite ridiculous and silly. The artwork Above shows my first monster design, Leeton, specifically drawn to look like a man in a suit as a tribute to the original Japanese monsters.

March of the Giant Leeton March of the Giant Leeton

In addition to designing the Kaiju characters I also intend to place some of them within landscape pieces, another area of illustration I wish to continue to develop and practice my skills within. Above is my first attempt, portraying the Giant Leeton marching through a stormy forest showcasing its scale. I picked a forest scene as its reminiscent to many old Japanese kaiju series such as Ultraman, where they would regularly fight in such a landscape as oppose to the traditional cities that people generally associate with the franchises.


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Citizens of the Space Age – Part 2:

by on Aug.12, 2009, under Aliens & Monsters, Character Design, Costume Design, Creature Design, Fiddzy's Artwork, Sentients

This is a continuation of the “everyday aliens” collection. Aimed at providing a very mundane and realistic sense of what these galactic citizens of the space age may look like during their ordinary working lives.


While some may mistake them for an amphibious race the Nonual infact originate from the barren desert regions of their homeworld Noduw’u Nonual.


On their low gravity homeworld of Krem, the gelatinous Jelloop are tall, flexible and graceful. Yet offworld on planets such as Earth the higher relative gravity causes them to become squatter, more robust and often grouchy.

JovariJovari Assassin

The Idea behind the look of the Jovari assassin was to give her a graceful and very feminine appearance, yet to also dark, underground and seedy undertones with its gothic colouration and fashion. It was also an opportunity to break away from my previous more masculine designs and instead begin to focus on the female form.


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