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August – Lunch Break Challenge Top Four:

by on Aug.31, 2014, under Fiddzy's Artwork, Studies & Sketches

Month number two into my “Lunch Break Challenge” and I’m still going strong, although I regrettably lost two days this month due to higher priority obligations. However despite that minor set back I still felt that August was an extremely strong month for me, particularly in terms of progression. Unlike July, where I was mostly drawing subjects on a whim, this month was far more structured. My aim across August was to really get to grips with mammalian form, particularly in regards to drawing hair, which minus a couple of fan art sketches was a recurring focus across all of this months sketches. Below are my top four sketches from Augusts furry collection…

Highland Cattle August Sketch 01 – Highland Cattle

Following on from the ungulate sketches I was doing towards the end of July was a two day stint of drawing highland cattle. The sketch above was my second attempt after I deemed the first one to be a catastrophic failure due to various anatomy scaling issues. This second attempt however turned out to be a vast improvement although still far from perfect itself. It was this sketch which would lead to my goal of focusing on studying how to effectively draw the form of hair over an animals muscular anatomy, and to look in further detail at what relationship hair and body has when dealing with an animals form.

Raccoon FacesAugust Sketch 02 – Raccoons

Wishing to move away from drawing farmyard animals and inspired by the Rocket Raccoon character from the (awesome!) film Guardians of the Galaxy, I decided to look at the facial anatomies of raccoons. For these speed sketches I particularly focused on how their hair gives raccoons their iconic triangular shape and masked eyes. I also wanted to focus on their whiskers, an important part of many mammals anatomies that I had always tended to leave out in the past out of fear it would “detract from” their form, rather than enhance it.

Porcupines August Sketch 03 – Porcupines

In an attempt to challenge myself, and to move away from my comfort zones I decided to draw an animal I’ve never attempted before, the porcupine. I felt that the porcupine was a great example of a animal that uses hair, and quills in this instance, to expand is overall form away from its actual body, where you need to focus on the structure of these instead of its musculature in order to capture the true form of the animal.

HedgehogsAugust Sketch 04 – Hedgehogs

The Hedgehog felt like the next logical step to follow on from the porcupine, and has been a target animal of mine to draw ever since setting myself these daily challenges. For some reason the hedgehog has always been an animal I’ve struggled to draw, especially from memory. While I am very happy with these attempts I still don’t quite grasp how to truly draw their anatomy and as such its an animal I will continue to look at into September.

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